Strong Lebanon Warns Government Against Decline in its Productivity...

Strong Lebanon Warns Government Against Decline in its Productivity: Granted Trust Conditional

30 Jun 2020

Lebanon - The Strong Lebanon parliamentary bloc indicated in a statement after its weekly meeting headed by MP Gebran Bassil, that "the government had taken a decision to assign an international company to conduct the anatomical accounting audit and it refuses to implement it until now," saying that "the implementation of this decision is the cornerstone to revealing the true numbers of losses at the Bank of Lebanon. Refraining from conducting anatomical accounting audit puts negotiations with the IMF at stake."

The bloc called on "the Lebanese government and the Ministry of Finance to implement its decision, which is the most important reform demand to correct the monetary policy adopted in the country, or inform the Lebanese about the reasons that prevent it from implementing this decision."

The bloc regretted the "conditions and circumstances that prompted the Director General of the Ministry of Finance to resign," considering that his position is a cry in the face of the existing monetary and financial policies in the country.

Conferees warned "the Lebanese government against the noticeable decline in its productivity, which weakens confidence in it, especially that of the people which depends on the extent of government work, and that of the international community which awaits government actions and reforms."

The Strong Lebanon bloc reminded the government that the required reforms must be undertaken regardless of negotiations with the International Monetary Fund, stressing that "the trust that the bloc has granted to the government at the House of Representatives is conditional on achieving reforms and completing projects that will address the financial and economic meltdown."


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