“Australia, my adopted country, has given me so much.We can together continue to give back and create a great place for people to call home.” – SARKIS NASSIF

SARKIS NASSIF The Urban Taskforce’s Property Person of the Year

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Philip Ruddock: "Some people I think they come into parliament to serve themselves"

Ambassador Glenn Miles: "Relationships key to building business success"

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Ruddock to examine religious protections

Imam attacked in Adelaide

Malcolm Turnbull flags middle-income tax cuts

Land release to create new communities in Sydney’s South West

Refugee and migrant students less likely to secure full-time work after uni

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Hariri: " shall stay and continue with you, so we can be the defense line for Lebanon, its stability and Arabism "

Report: Hariri's Decision to Roll Back Resignation 'Conditional'

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Former prime minister Tony Abbott has lost his father Richard, who has passed away.
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Hariri responded to Aoun's request to take more time for consultations

Aoun presides over military parade on Independence Day, in presence of Berri, Hariri

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'Mission accomplished': Vladimir Putin meets with Bashar al-Assad to discuss end of Russia's Syria campaign
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Prime Minister Turnbull addressed the Business Council of Australia
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BASSIL: "More than 85,000 expats register to vote"
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Nasrallah Denies Sending Arms to Yemen, Kuwait, Involvement in Riyadh Missile
"We haven't sent weapons to any Arab country -- no ballistic missiles, advanced weapons, not even a pistol"

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Aoun: Lebanon Must Not Pay Price for Regional Conflicts
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His Highness the Kuwait Amir, Iraq Pres. hold official discussions
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