Main Undisputed Reformist Item in Electoral Law


Main Undisputed Reformist Item in Electoral Law

18 Apr 2018

Lebanon - Minister of Interior and Municipalities, Nuhad Mashnouk stressed in a joint press conference held with Foreign Minister, Gebran Bassil, at the MoFA that "the most important reformist item that is totally undisputable in the election law is the Lebanese expatriates voting from abroad."

"This reformist clause has all the security and moral conditions to ensure proper balloting from abroad, without any flaw," he said.

"We applaud Minister Bassil and his team's efforts to make expatriates voting happen," Mashnouk added.

For his part, the Foreign Minister explained that "the party in charge of implementing the law regarding expatriates' voting is the Ministry of Interior, and there is constant coordination in that regard, according to the law."

Bassil stressed that "the full electoral details are now available, including the electoral lists, and they can all be accessed by everyone through the Ministries of Interior and Foreign Affairs and their websites."

He pointed out that "the State has informed all countries on the vote of expatriates, as per the laws of each country. It was not easy, but all the problems we faced have been solved."


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