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Minister for Multiculturalism 
Harmony Week
Today marks the start of Harmony Week, which is an opportunity to celebrate, reflect on and appreciate our multicultural state.
As the gateway to our great country for many migrants, NSW serves as a beacon to the world as a destination where everyone is treated with dignity and respect. Here in NSW, everyone is welcome to celebrate their cultural identity, speak their language, and be free to practice their faith. Our diversity has paved the way for us to prosper in ways that other state’s and even countries have not. It has really brought the world to our doorstep and enabled us to forge connections in every corner of the globe.
As we celebrate our diversity, we remain united as one people with the same values and desires to live in a harmonious and peaceful society. That is the beauty of multicultural society we have built here in NSW.
This week, we also celebrate Harmony Day (Tuesday, 21 March), which coincides with the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. Its origins serve as a poignant reminder that we must be united in our fight for peace and harmony.
I invite everyone to join in celebrations this Harmony Week and Harmony Day and be proud to be a part of the world’s most successful multicultural society.
The Hon. Mark Coure MP
Minister for Multiculturalism
Minister for Seniors


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