Al-Faisal Islamic College in Sydney honors the Saudi and Egyptian Ambassadors

Al-Faisal Islamic College in Sydney honors the Saudi and Egyptian Ambassadors

16/7/2012 – (Translation of this article appears in Arabic section)

Sydney: M. E. Times Int’l: Al-Faisal Islamic College and the Australian Islamic cultural Center in Sydney have organized a farewell dinner in honor of H.E. Hassan Talat Nazer the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Australia, and H.E. Omar Metwally the Ambassador of Arab Republic of Egypt to Australia, at the end of their term as ambassadors in the Australian capital Canberra.

Mr. Shafiq Rahman Abdullah Khan, The founder and president of Al-Faisal College and the Islamic Cultural Center in Australia, delivered a speech welcoming H.E Nazer, H.E Metwally and other officials; he also praised the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s contribution and substantial role in the dissemination of respect, dialogue and cooperation, which make the Kingdom earn respect and appreciation of all Muslims and countries in the world.

Abdullah Khan praised the initiatives of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and the global conferences held under his auspices for better understanding between all religions and cultures, in service to society humanity.

In conclusion, Mr. Abdullah Khan thanked all the guests coming from Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne, and praised all the brothers and sisters working in the Islamic Cultural Centre and Al Faisal College for their efforts, cooperation and contribution towards the dissemination of respect and dialogue among all religions and cultures.

The Mufti of Australia, Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammad gave a speech in which he expressed his appreciation and respect for each of H.E. Mr. Hassan Nazer, the Saudi Ambassador and H.E. Mr. Omar Metwally the Ambassador of Egypt, praising both the Saudi Arabia and Egypt’s leaderships.

There were also speeches by Australian officials and religions’ representatives who expressed their thanks and appreciation to Ambassadors Nazer and Metwally.

At the end of the ceremony Shafiq Al-Rahman Abdullah Khan, the President of Al-Faisal college, grant shields for each of H.E Nazer and H.E Metwally  in recognition of their services to the Arab and Muslim communities.

Saudi ambassador Hassan Talat Nazer giving his speech during the ceremony

Egyptian Ambassador Omar Metwally giving his speech

Ambassador Nazer with Joe Rizk the Director General of Arab Bank Australia

Shafiq Rahman Abdullah Khan with some guests during the ceremony

Metwally and Nazer at the ceremony with Hon. Shaoquett Mousselmane MLC

RtoL: Mrs Metwally, director of the Faculty of Al-Faisal and

wife of Mr. Shafiq Rahman, Mrs. Nazer and Mrs Berjawi


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