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Action Against Islamophobia

Action Against Islamophobia
The Australian National Imams Council (ANIC) held a pivotal forum dedicated to addressing the impacts of Islamophobia and anti-Muslim sentiment that has been directed at our communities, particularly over the past 9 months.
The forum aimed to bring together esteemed NSW Imams and Muslim community leaders to collaboratively discuss this increasingly pressing issue and identify gaps in resources and support services required to effectively tackle the rise in Islamophobic and anti-Muslim hate crimes and incidents across the country.  
Alhamdulillah, we had an open and robust discussion that addressed the following points:  
•  The impact of Islamophobia and anti-Muslim hate on our communities 
•  Identified barriers to reporting Islamophobic incidents 
•  Explored ways to enhance access to support services for victims
•  Provided a platform for community leaders and Imams to share their perspectives and provide input into the project deliverables
As part of ANIC's overarching "Action Against Islamophobia" project, we will continue to hold similar community engagement activities with other valued stakeholders and community members, including women and youth, over the next few months. This initiative is designed with the primary objectives of justice, empowerment, and advocacy.  
We believe the valuable insights and experiences of the community are essential to making this an effective and powerful tool against hate.
If you experience or witness an Islamophobic or anti-Muslim hate incident, please call (02) 8377 4199 for assistance or support


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