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Paola Bilancieri 
How Much Longer Bibi Netanyahu?
New York      Dr. César Chelala
How much longer Bibi Netanyahu will you try to fool the world with your crimes? For how much longer Bibi Netanyahu will you call the actions of your armed forces technical mishaps, mistakes, blunders, unintended side effects, miscalculations? What you and the armed forces under your command are doing are not mistakes, Bibi Netanyahu. What they are doing are called war crimes in the civilized world from which you no longer are part of. You cannot feel pride for an army that carries out precision killings of your enemies but fails to recognize that among those you kill are children, women, and innocent health and aid workers. You have fooled the whole world for too long, Bibi Netanyahu, but the world is now waking up. And the whole world is seeing you for what you are, Bibi Netanyahu. You are a man without scruples. You are a man who doesn’t respect other people’s lives. You demonize your enemies to justify murdering them. You are a man who has done more harm to your people and to your country than dozens of Hamas armies. Because you have destroyed what is most important in the life of a nation. You have destroyed Israel’s soul, Bibi Netanyahu.
Dr. César Chelala is an award-winning writer on human rights issues.


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