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MP Adwan: Lebanon is not a country of asylum
Sydney - Middle East Times Int’l: Chairman of the Administration and Justice Committee, Representative George Adwan, indicated in a press conference held in the Parliament that “the committee completed the research into the file of the Syrian presence in Lebanon,” and said: “There was an in-depth study that one of the committee members worked on, and it was distributed during the session, in which A complete clarification of the laws that govern this presence and clearly demonstrate that the Syrian presence today in Lebanon is completely subject to the memorandum signed between the Lebanese government and the UNHCR in 2003.”
He pointed out that "what was worked on in 2016 in this regard does not have any legal rules," and said: "Despite this, we will ask the government to cancel it completely so that it no longer has any effects."
He added: "If there is a very small number who cannot return for political reasons to Syria, this will be determined and their situation will be studied. Here, it is certain that we are talking about very small numbers. As for the rest, they cannot remain."
He stressed that "Lebanon is not a country of asylum."
He said: “As for the second topic that the committee discussed, it relates to the media law that the committee completed, and the Minister of Information in the caretaker government, Ziad Al-Makari, put his observations on it, and we, for our part, are working to discuss the articles on which the observations came. Currently, this law has been placed on a “hot fire” until "We can finish the notes lesson as soon as possible."
Adwan touched on “the issue of extending the rank of general in the army command,” and said: “Some view this issue as if it is normal or as if we are proceeding normally. Here, we repeat that we raise this issue based on 3 concepts, the first relates to the national interest, that is, the Raison d' Etat, the second is related to the exceptional situation during the war in Gaza, and the third is related to the urgent need for someone who knows the military institution well.”


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