SIAM 2023 - International Agricultural Fair in Morocco - 15th edition

SIAM 2023 - International Agricultural Fair in Morocco - 15th edition
The SIAM 2023 Exhibition will take place from May 2nd to May 7th 2023, in the city of Meknes.
Being among the best events in Africa and worldwide in the agricultural sector, SIAM serves as a platform for exchanges, networking and as a catalyst for business. For 5 days, exhibitors will have the opportunity to showcase their products and promote their activities.
As food security becomes a major challenge within the African continent, Morocco’s role in the food crisis has become much more fundamental. Hence, this year, the exhibition will be held under the theme "Generation Green: For sustainable food sovereignty", aiming to create a B2B hub, and to facilitate partnerships as well as commercial exchanges for a promising and prosperous agricultural sector.
This year’s edition welcomes the United Kingdom as a country of honour. This will offer an excellent opportunity for participants to discover and explore the diversity and richness of British agriculture.
The agri-food sector is a major driver of economic and social development for the Kingdom of Morocco. The sector represents around 13% of the GDP and is responsible for 39% of employment nationally, especially in rural areas.
The Moroccan agricultural sector has undeniable assets and an intrinsic potential linked to the importance and diversity of its natural resources, the know-how and competitiveness of the workforce, the geographical position of the country, to the comparative advantages of the export sectors and to a growing potential for the development of the agri-food sector.
Therefore, agriculture has always been at the heart of Morocco's development strategies. As part of the continued development of the agricultural sector, Morocco has launched a new strategy under the name of "Generation Green 2020-2030".
This strategy represents a new vision based on two pillars: The first is to consider the human element as a priority in any development related to the agricultural sector, while the second relates to continuing the dynamism of agricultural development and focusing on its modernization.
SIAM is an International Agricultural Exhibition held in Morocco, in the city of Meknes, one of the four Imperial cities of Morocco.
The Exhibition was launched in 2006, and soon became a key international event for business professionals and an opportunity to present the latest developments of the agricultural sector, particularly in terms of the research, development and technologies associated.
The SIAM event is deployed over an area of 18 hectares. It will welcome more than 900,000 visitors, 1,400 exhibitors from 65 countries, 24 of which are Africans.


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