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Al-Khatib: The Lebanese are brothers and partners in the homeland, and fanaticism and extremism do not build a homeland

Al-Khatib welcomed the delegation to the “House of the Lebanese, whose founder, Imam Sayyed Musa al-Sadr, issued his statement that became the introduction to the Lebanese constitution: “Lebanon is the final homeland for all its people.”

Al-Khatib during his meeting with Matar and Al-Khazen, delegates from Patriarch Al-Rahi: The Lebanese are brothers and partners in the homeland, and fanaticism and extremism do not build a homeland
Matar: We work for Lebanon and the Islamic-Christian dialogue
 July 3, 2024+
(See translation in Arabic section)
Sydney - Middle East Times Int’l:  The Vice President of the Supreme Islamic Shiite Council, Sheikh Ali Al-Khatib, received this morning at the Council's headquarters, Bishop Boulos Matar and former Minister Sheikh Wadih Al-Khazen, delegates from the Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Mar Bechara Boutros Al-Rahi. Discussions took place on national issues and affairs and developments in Lebanon and the region.
Al-Khatib welcomed the delegation to "the House of the Lebanese, whose founder, Imam Sayyed Musa Al-Sadr, launched his statement that became an introduction to the Lebanese constitution: "Lebanon is the final homeland for all its people." We in the Council consider the Lebanese to be brothers and partners in the homeland, and the Muslim is responsible for preserving his Christian brother, just as the Christian is responsible for preserving his Muslim brother, and the sectarian distinction of citizens does not give a distinction in rights and duties, and fanaticism and extremism do not build a homeland." He stressed the "necessity of strengthening relations between Muslims and Christians, whom we consider to be People of the Book. The description of People of the Book is not an insult or an inferiority, but rather equality because we are also People of the Book and share with them moral and ethical values, and strengthening dialogue between followers of the two religions, and that dialogue should remain ongoing between the Lebanese to elect a president for the republic in preparation for forming a government that restores the regularity of the work of institutions and addresses the escalating crises." He stressed that "the resistance defends the Lebanese and protects Lebanon's indivisible sovereignty. It arose as a reaction to the occupation and the state's abandonment of its responsibilities in defending the south. Today, the resistance defends the dignity of all Lebanese. The blood of its martyrs preserved Lebanon, liberated its land, and deterred aggression against its people." He also stressed that the resistance is nothing but the sons of the southern villages that were left to their fate and were forced to defend themselves. Is it required that the enemy be allowed to practice its crimes against them at a time when the state did not fulfill its duty in preserving its sovereignty and defending its citizens?!" After the meeting, Bishop Matar made the following statement: "We were honored this morning by the visit of the Vice President of the Supreme Islamic Shiite Council, Sheikh Ali Al-Khatib. It was a very good and brotherly meeting. We talked about the values that unite the Lebanese and the people of religions. It is our duty to enter into a frank dialogue for the sake of Lebanon and for the sake of the entire region because Lebanon has a special message in this area. We and you, brothers, have relations that strike deep in history and geography in Lebanon, and these are constants that will remain. The relationship There is a continuous and strong relationship between us, as His Eminence confirmed this morning. We work for Lebanon, for its message, and for the Islamic-Christian dialogue, which is the foundation of this country. The Holy See of Rome always asks us to be part of the Arab world, and this is our history. We are part of this world with our culture, our love, and our openness to our brothers, and our brothers are open to us. We have a place in all their hearts, which makes us trust in our future and that the future will be made by our hands and by our hearts. We thank God for everything that was said this morning between us and His Eminence regarding the future, the present situation, and the brotherhood that unites us. Brotherhood in humanity, as the Pope said, and brotherhood in patriotism as well, and in history and the future. Thank you all, and God willing, as for Lebanon, we are certain that God will protect and guard it. God is our representative, and to you we have our love and thanks. 


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