The wise Kuwaiti leadership leads to renewed enthusiasm and future prosperity in September 29 election

The wise Kuwaiti leadership leads to renewed enthusiasm and future prosperity in September 29 election
Thanks to the wise ruling leadership in the State of Kuwait and its excellent decisions in the country, a new government has been formed with the membership of 12 ministers, in implementation of an Emiri decree. The prior political situation was filled with traditional conflict between the government and the opposition bloc within Parliament.
Kuwait has gone through a difficult period during the past months, dominated by conflicts that negatively affected the political situation, leading to a divide between the legislative and executive authorities. The crisis ended with the resignation of the previous government, and its continuation in handling urgent matters since last May until the issuance of the Emiri decree on the new government formation. The appointment of Sheikh Ahmed Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, son of the Emir of the country, as the new Prime Minister, to replace the Prime Minister of the previous government, Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, brings hope and restoring political stability and eliminating the entrenched crises in political stability. The conflict caused a halt to business activity in the country, and obstructed progress in the economy. The State of Kuwait and its people do not deserve to be subjected to this.
The first session of the dissolved parliament witnessed crises that were not witnessed by a parliamentary session in the history of Kuwaiti parliamentary life, as 11 interpellations were submitted along with 6 interrogations in the second session of the session, four of which were discussed and ended with three requests of no-confidence, reflecting the dangerous political escalation that strongly affects the parliament. development process in the country.
Therefore, the Emiri decision to form the new Kuwaiti government in conjunction with the decision to dissolve the Kuwaiti parliament and announce new parliamentary elections within weeks comes in response to the popular demand and a correction of the political situation, and an affirmation of the vital role of the wise Kuwaiti leadership in ending the stalemate and defusing the crisis, to continue the march of progress and prosperity.
The Amiri intervention came by dissolving Parliament and appointing a new government in order to activate Article 107, which states the right of the Emir of the country to dissolve the National Assembly by a decree stating the reasons for the dissolution, which necessitates holding elections for the new parliament within a period not exceeding two months from the date of the dissolution. The speech of the Emir of Kuwait, delivered on his behalf by His Highness the Crown Prince, Sheikh Mishaal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, sent messages of reassurance to the Kuwaiti people by returning things to their rightful place and restoring the spirit of cooperation away from the differences that hampered their interests and stopped the wheel of life. Therefore, the Kuwaiti people expect a lot from this government to compensate them What he has been through during the last period. Therefore, we count a lot on the new government of Sheikh Ahmed Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah in its merits with the confidence of the people and its ability to overcome the crisis, correct the path and cross to a new stage of national action, which contributes to the stability of the country and achieve its renaissance and prosperity.
The parliamentary elections on the 29 September, will bring back the ancient democracy for which the State of Kuwait is famous, and a model to follow, especially considering some amendments issued by a decree amending the electoral schedules and allowing elections according to the civil ID to ensure a large popular participation to be a true democratic wedding.
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