Berri to MP Halima Kaakour: “Sit and shut up!”

Berri to MP Halima Kaakour: “Sit and shut up!”

 26 July 2022

Lebanon: There was more than one argument between a number of deputies in today's parliament session.

At the beginning of the session, the change deputies demanded that the vote on the first item take place verbally over the microphone, and not by raising hands Speaker Nabih Berri responded to the request, and this is what happened.

When the voting began, Representative Halima Kaakour boycotted the vote, saying: "We were not able to know who was with and who was against this item."

Berri replied, "Sit down, look at the other, and shut up."

Kaakour replied, "This is a patriarchal way of responding," which provoked a number of deputies.

For the answer to come from MP Qabalan Qabalan, who said, "This is not a way to respond, you have to respect those present," so Kaakour returned and repeated the word again.


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