Strong Lebanon: Affirmed that giving confidence to the government was linked to the contents of its ministerial statement...

Strong Lebanon: Granting government confidence depends on contents of ministerial statement

14 Sep 2021

Lebanon - The Strong Lebanon parliamentary bloc expressed in a statement, after its periodic meeting headed by MP Gebran Bassil, "its satisfaction with the formation of the government through a constitutional path in which the PM-designate committed himself to his partnership with the President of the Republic, so he respected his powers and the principles of formation."

The bloc affirmed that giving confidence to the government was linked to the contents of its ministerial statement, and the commitment to achieve the following:

On the financial, monetary, and economic level:

• Execute the contract signed with Alvarez and Marsal regarding forensic audit.

• Work to return the funds transferred abroad and approve the Capital Control Law.

•Develop and negotiate a financial recovery plan with the International Monetary Fund, as the central bank governance commits to the government’s policy and the monetary and credit law.

•Develop a budget for 2022 that includes all the required financial reforms.

•Launch the wheel of a productive economy and encourage it with low debt interest.

On the social, living, educational, and health levels:

•Issue and distribute the ration card and strengthen programs to support the poorest groups, in exchange for the gradual lifting of subsidies.

•Provide fuel, prevent its smuggling and storing, and provide the largest percentage of electricity supply through the Electricité du Liban.

•Implement a safe and dignified return plan for the displaced Syrians.

•Launch the school year and support the educational sector through the available aid and through the educational card.

•Make all medicines available and enable hospital institutions to provide all necessary services.

In terms of restoring trust:

•Take all measures to combat corruption, apply the necessary laws, and proceed with the disclosure of the accounts and properties of those engaged in a public service.

• Improve the independence of the judiciary, support the investigation of the port explosion, and set the legal framework and necessary procedures for its reconstruction.

•Develop an energy plan that provides electricity through gas and renewable energy, and proceed with the implementation of gas contracts at sea, and the demarcation of maritime borders while preserving Lebanese rights.

•Confirm Lebanon's sovereignty and independence and do everything possible to preserve and strengthen its international and Arab relations.

•Hold the parliamentary elections on their constitutional date, while affirming the right of expatriates to vote.


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