The rehabilitation of the intensive care unit at the Lebanese Geitawi University Hospital

The Lebanese community in Mexico rehabilitates the intensive care dep. at the Lebanese Geitawi University Hospital, in partnership with the Rene Moawad Foundation

Lebanon: The Rene Moawad Foundation announced in a statement, “The Lebanese community in Mexico, in cooperation with the Rene Moawad Foundation, undertook the rehabilitation of the intensive care unit at the Lebanese Geitawi University Hospital, which was damaged by the Beirut Port explosion last August, through donations made by the community in cooperation with the Lebanese embassy. And with the Fundacin Centro Libanes, the Lebanese Center Foundation in Mexico, with a value of $ 500,000.


Moawad emphasized that "the intensive care rehabilitation project is on the one hand contributing to the rehabilitation of what was destroyed in Beirut as a result of the August 4 explosion, and on the other hand, for the foundation to participate in confronting the Corona epidemic, which requires part of it to support the hospital sector and hospital equipment in Lebanon in order to resilience and restore hope." To stay on the land, rebuild what was destroyed, and rebuild Beirut. "

He pointed out that "the rehabilitation of the intensive care units in the hospital would not have happened had it not been for the efforts made by the Lebanese community to secure an amount of 500 thousand dollars under the management of the Lebanese Center Foundation and Lebanon's ambassador to Mexico, Sami Nameer," hoping that "it would be the beginning of a serious partnership with the center." And noting "the role of the Lebanese community in the countries of expansion in general, and in Mexico in particular."

He added, "I salute the heroic work carried out by the Lebanese Geitawi Hospital and those in charge of it, who are resisting the difficult conditions, especially after the destruction of the hospital as a result of the explosion. This is the real resistance for the sake of steadfastness in Lebanon."


In turn, Dr. Yared thanked the community for "the great support in these difficult circumstances that Lebanon is going through and the Lebanese Geitawi Hospital, which was destroyed on August 4 in seconds," stressing that "the helping hand extended by the Lebanese community in Mexico is an important gesture so that the hospital can operate a large part of care." Superlative to help patients again. "


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