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A message of solidarity to the Patriarch 

A message of solidarity from the World Lebanese Cultural Union in Australia and NZ to the Patriarch

(See Translation in Arabic Section)

The Lebanese Cultural University in Australia participated in the celebration held by Archbishop Antoine Charbel Tarabay for the Maronites in support of the Patriarch Al-Rahi, and the delegation included the global president, Advocate Stephen Stanton, the Chairman of the Continental Council of Australia, Michel Douaihy, the Vice President of the World and the Continental Council, Joe Arida, the Secretary of the Continental Treasury, Mr Ibrahim El-Khoury, Chairman of the State Council of New South Wales, Dr Shane Giha and Mr George Abu Samra.

The Continental Council of Australia and New Zealand issued a statement confirming the positions of Patriarch Mar Bechara Boutros Al-Rahi and considered that his loud cry in defense of Lebanon's independence and neutrality is natural for Bkerke and its national history, and this is the text of the statement:

It is not surprising that the Maronite Patriarch took a political position on Lebanon and its survival, neutrality and legitimacy ... It is astonishing that his bliss did not take such a flagrant patriotic stance, as Bkerke fought all independence battles since the establishment of the state of Greater Lebanon in 1920, at the hands of the Merciful Triangle, Patriarch Elias Al-Hoayek. Passing through the first independence, whose godfather was the triangle of mercies, Patriarch Antoine Arida, and the second independence, whose triangular project was launched by Patriarch Mar Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir, who was known as the Patriarch of Independence and who demanded the exit of the Syrian, to his Beatitude the current Patriarch, Mar Bechara Boutros Al-Rahi, who rang the alarm in recent weeks. He called on the United Nations to declare Lebanon's neutrality, and called on the President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, to lift the siege from legitimacy.

This new position is in line with the historical process of Bkerke, and it does not serve the interest of Christians only, but all Lebanese who adhere to the state, sovereignty and independence, and therefore we have witnessed how Muslim and Christian leaders alike flocked to stand by His Eminence Cardinal Al-Rahi and his support and support in these positions, which are to say the least in it, it is historical heroism.

The Lebanese Cultural University in Australia and the world, which was founded on the principles of sovereignty and independence, cannot help but support the positions of His Beatitude, and calls on all groups of all sects and beliefs to stand by him as he is keen on the one united Lebanon, Lebanon the cedars, coexistence and the free and independent master.

Continental President                  Continental Secretary General

Michel Douaihy                             Antoine Karam


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