Kuwait identifies 13 more martyrs' bodies

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Kuwait identifies 13 more martyrs' bodies


KUWAIT-- Kuwait identified 13 more of its martyrs through DNA tests run by the Ministry of Interiorآ’s forensics department, head of the POWs and missing persons committee at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Rabea Al-Adsani said on Sunday.

The martyrs are

1-Bader Hussein Murad Al-Kandari

2-Suleiman Kadhim Qatie Ali Taher

3-Tariq Mohammad Ahmad Abdullah Al-Yaqout

4-Abdulrahman Abdulaziz Abdullah Al-Showaimani

5-Abdulmahdi Abdulhameed Mohammad Maarafi Behbehani

6-Essa Mohammad Zaman Mohammad

7-Kamil Abdulrahman Mohammad Nasser Al-Fayez

8-Mohammad Saad Masoud Al-Ahmad

9-Mohammad Saleh Mohammad Suleiman Al-Muhaini

10-Mosfer Shabib Mohammad Al-Dousari

11-Mahdi Habeeb Ali Zaid Al-Boloushi

12-Mustafa Hussein Ahmad Mohammad Al-Qattan

13-Yousif Zaid Zamel Saud Al-Zamel.

The bodies of the martyrs arrived to Kuwait from Iraq, among the bodies of martyrs that were identified last November, Al-Adsani said.

He hailed the sacrifice and courage of Kuwaitآ’s martyrs to defend their land during the Iraqi Invasion in 1990.

He thanked the Iraqi authorities, the International Committee of the Red Cross and the UN mission for facilitating the process, adding that it wasnآ’t easy to identify the bodies since they had been buried for a very long time.


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