Rule loopholes muddle mask message in NSW

Rule loopholes muddle mask message in NSW

By Editor - M E Times


With the recent spike in COVID-19 in NSW, the State Government has had to enforce many health restrictions. The public overwhelmingly respects and supports these essential impositions.

There are, however, some apparent contradictions and inconsistencies regarding the regulations which have perplexed some members of our community.

Regulations regarding restaurants, for example, are perplexing. So, you wear a mask into a club or restaurant but then remove it while you dine. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of a mask?

Then there are concerns regarding the compulsory wearing of masks during weddings. Let’s say the event organisers abide by the rules and restrict marriage ceremony attendance numbers to no more than 20 people. Under such circumstances, wouldn’t it be reasonable that the bride, groom and guests can remove their masks for, say, five to 10 minutes to take pictures or record a video for future memories? It would mean friends and family members, unable to attend due to number restrictions and border closures, can get a suitable lasting memento. Understandably many people don’t want those images marred by masks. Bear in mind many of those families have laid out big money organising this event long before the restrictions were in place. Can’t some allowances be made for that?

The NSW Government has generally acted appropriately in regards to this health crisis. It does, however, seem to make random exceptions. Why, for instance, allow crowds to pack out the cricket at the Sydney Cricket Ground this week yet be so stringent to newlyweds wanting to celebrate their happy day?


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