Arab ministers approve Kuwait's proposal on academic portal

Arab ministers approve Kuwait's proposal on academic portal


KUWAIT-- Arab youth and sports ministers have endorsed Kuwait's proposal on setting up an Arab professional academic portal which offers practical facilitations to Arab youth, Kuwait's Information Minister Mohammad Al-Jabri said on Sunday.

Al-Jabri, also Minister of State for Youth Affairs, made the statement after taking part in a videoconference of the 34th session of the Arab Youth and Sports Council.

The portal will help youth through providing an electronic library linked to different youth scientific bodies and institutions interested in scientific publishing, it noted.

The portal will use the algorithms of artificial intelligence to study and track the behavior of users so as to offer services and options that promote performance of young researchers, it added.

It pointed out that the gate will provide opportunities for professional communications and create jobs for young people in both public and private sectors.

It will serve as a platform to every Arab youth in accordance with his educational qualifications and personal interests that will help agencies recruit creators in its sectors, it said.

The meeting of the Council discussed some issues related to youth affairs, and a large number of proposals and decisions, including two proposals submitted by Kuwait, it stated.


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