OMAN works for easing of tension in region, says Alawi

OMAN works for easing of tension in region, says Alawi


MUNICH: Yusuf bin Alawi bin Abdallah, Minister Responsible for Foreign Affairs, said that the Sultanate works for easing of tension in the Arab Gulf region, but he ruled out any military confrontation now.

In a dialogue session dedicated to addressing tension in the region on the sidelines of Munich Security Conference, Alawi said, “We keep contact with the United States and Iran as part of our relations with the two countries.

“We feel that it is possible for the two to engage in dialogue. We work to ease tension in the region, and we do not expect the occurrence of any military confrontation in the region at present.”

“Some have a right to feel anxious about the escalation of tension in the region,” said Alawi.

He added, “Iran is a great country and a neighbour, and if we regulate our interests, that would give us a feeling of peace.”

Alawi pointed out that the massive presence of military vessels in the Strait of Hormuz “might lead to the occurrence of any mistakes and the escalation of tension.”

He called upon friends to consider the present risks to the security of navigation in the Strait of Hormuz.

Alawi said the relations between Oman and Iran would continue as the Sultanate will lay emphasis on peace, security and development in the region.


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