The Australian Lebanese Foundation 2019 Scholarship Presentation Dinner

The Australian Lebanese Foundation 2019 Scholarship Presentation Dinner

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GUEST SPEAKER DR NAJAT SALIBA – “The untold truth of “Argileh” and e-cigarette use – HOW BAD ARE THEY REALLY?”

Dr Saliba is a distinguished Professor of Analytic Chemistry and Director of the Centre for Nature Conservation at the American University of Beirut. Dr Saliba studied at the Lebanese University and subsequently moved to the United States, earning her master’s degree at California State University. She completed her doctoral studies on water pollution at the University of Southern California and was a postdoctoral researcher at the University of California, Irvine.

Waterpipe (argileh/hookah) use has gained high popularity in the past century and has snowballed globally. In Sydney waterpipe use has exploded among the youth after the introduction of flavoured tobacco (moassel). This emerging epidemic has grown from the false claims that waterpipe smoking is a relatively safe hobby and that toxic components from waterpipe smoke are not inhaled because they are trapped in water.

Dr Saliba has been at the forefront of discovering and understanding the toxic and cancer-causing chemicals in waterpipe smoking and has been working very hard with the scientific community for the past 15 years to dispel these myths. She will share some of the recent findings on smoking the argileh.

DATE AND TIME -        Tuesday 8th October

                                       7:00  for  7:30pm start

VENUE -   McLaurin Hall, University of Sydney (Parking available under New Law Building)

PRICE -     $180 per ticket,      DRESS CODE – black tie


By Friday 20th September 2019

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