Editorial: Is this the Australia we want?

Editorial: Is this the Australia we want?

Australia is going through a tough time. We are constantly hearing in the media that politicians are being caught out for doing the wrong thing. With every election we are given promises of a glorious future, but the reality is too many promises are broken. It is obvious that politicians put their career and self interest as a higher priority than what is good for Australia. The major parties are not meeting the needs of the entire nation.

The cost of living has created a working poor, where families must compromise on essential items including food and clothing just to pay for rent. Young families are unable to enter the housing market due to escalating prices.  Medical insurance is now out of reach to many families with unreasonable waiting times for medical procedures. Is this the Australia we want?

Why is there a high tax for people over 65 years of age who redundancy packages? Many people in the 60's are still in debt, have little to no chance of finding employment and not able to receive any welfare assistance due to receiving a redundancy.  This is an insult to all the decades of work and tax paid by these individuals.

The youth of Australia are not being given the opportunities that their parents and grandparents had. A multi-generational class of unemployed has created a bleak future for too many young Australians who are dependant on welfare and some who develop antisocial behaviour. The solution to this would easily be fixed if the Australian Government toughened up and made it mandatory for young unemployed people to join the armed services. If nothing else, it will teach young people respect and give purpose to their lives. This is a much better option than having unemployed youth roam the streets and shopping malls out of boredom. Boredom leads to mischief that can lead to a troubled life.

We are also seeing antisocial behaviour with the children of some recent refuges and immigrants. Culturally they come from an environment that has tough laws. In Australia there is too much freedom with less power to law enforcement. The result is that we are seeing antisocial behaviour and criminal activities. We know that this is a minority but a problem that all of Australia endures and we all pay for.

Too much attention is given to the demands of minority groups who want to make change that is not in the best interest of Australia’s future and does not always reflect the needs of the majority. This is a growing concern.

Australia needs a government that is prepared to make the tough choices for the future and survival of the Australian way of life that that only a few decades ago offered so much prosperity.

 Editor in Chief


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