Where do Australia's migrants come from?

Australia’s migrant intake could be slashed

Australia could slash the number of migrants and may give more preference to skilled workers, according a report.

The Federal Government is reportedly considering a cut to the number of migrants allowed to enter Australia while also increasing the focus on getting the “best and brightest”.

A review of the immigration cap, which currently allows 190,000 migrants a year into Australia, could see it slashed by 30,000 people, 9News is reporting.

The Government may also increase the proportion of skilled migrants accepted as part of the program.

It comes as Prime Minister Scott Morrison has flagged migrants could be asked to spend five years in a regional area if they want permanent residency.

It will be up to states to plan where new migrants should settle under potential changes to Australia’s national migration program because the states plan roads, hospitals and schools.

“This is a blinding piece of common sense, which is: How about states who plan for population growth and the Commonwealth Government who sets the migration levels, actually bring this together?” Mr Morrison said.

State governments already tell the federal government how many migrants they want, but Mr Morrison said the process wasn’t working.

“The classic example is the NSW Government actually asked for more people, now they say they need less,” he said.

Instead, the prime minister wants to see states work closely with Canberra on where migrants should go, and where expansion should happen.

Where do Australia's migrants come from?

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Country of birth for skilled migrants

India England China (excludingSARs and Taiwan) South Africa Philippines


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