OPEN LETTER To the NSW Premier and Relevant Members of Parliament

OPEN LETTER To the NSW Premier and Relevant Members of Parliament

I am writing this letter to the relevant officials of the NSW Government, with the aim of highlighting the areas adjacent to Parramatta and to draw the attention for an urgent review of re-zoning in these areas.

In the midst of the urban boom in Parramatta, there is an essential need for the NSW Government to pay close attention to Parramatta's neighboring areas such as Granville, Merrylands, Harris Park and Guildford. These areas are the main gateway to the City of Parramatta and are expected to house many people working in this growing city.

We should not forget that the main gateway to Parramatta must be decorated with beautiful streets and new houses, rather than existing NSW Public Housing that are in dire need of replacement due to age and use of building products such as asbestos sheets. Many of the homes were built over 80 years ago when large blocks of land were common. It is a travesty that such poorly utilized public housing use so much land that could be better used with medium density housing. It should be considered that many are laden with deteriorating asbestos building materials and lead that pose a risk to the occupants and those living in private housing.

In addition, and amidst the shortage of housing, some of the public housing have become a barrier to the construction and development of new dwellings that facilitate and serve the aspirations and future of our youth to own a home and establish a family, rather than reaching a dead end. This is unfair for many of our youth.

The public housing model of an old house on a large property is not in tune in the 21st Century. For consideration and example, a single public house located between private houses prevents development or consolidation of land that could be used to build eight or more townhouses, so more housing for young families. At the same time, it would be profitable to the government, where it will generate large funds to the treasury of NSW government. Bold moves have been made in Sydney with the Sirius building and other public housing so why not look at public housing that surrounds Parramatta.

Finally, we urge the Premier and relevant officials to take our point of view and rescue the NSW Government's assets (which are golden fortune) in real estate being frozen instead of adopting a new mechanism for efficient investment that goes hand in hand with developments for Parramatta's neighboring areas.

The Editor


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