ALCC president Joe Khattar hosts luncheon for Waleed Abboud

Walid Abboud delivers his speech

ALCC president Joe Khattar hosts luncheon for Waleed Abboud

“To have Walid in Sydney means a great deal to us … “ALCC president Joe Khattar

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Sydney - M. E. Times Int'l: Australian-Lebanese Chamber of Commerce president Joe Khattar and wife Shaid hosted a dinner at Dalton House in Sydney in honour of "Bi mawdou’iya" (Objectively) TV star Walid Abboud and wife Marisse during their visit to Australia.

The ceremony was attended by Milad Raad, the Ambassador of Lebanon to Australia, and wife Rola Azar, ambassador Elie Turk, Nabil Itani, and social, economic, cultural, businessmen and media figures.

Lebanese Ambassador Milad Raad speaking during the dinner

This is an excerpt of Joe Khattar’s speech:

"We are delighted to have this dinner in honour of a dear friend and a prominent media personality from our beloved Lebanon, whom we immensely respect, Walid Abboud and his lovely wife Marisse.

“To have Walid in Sydney means a great deal to us because it gives us the chance to welcome him to this great country and to send a clear message that Lebanon is still a free country as long as our people can still speak their mind without fear of repercussions.

“We are also pleased to welcome the most influential person in our business environment, the Chairman of the Investment Development Authority of Lebanon, Dr. Nabil Itani.

Mr Abboud speaking

“Also we would like to welcome our dear friend, the head of the Le Royal Hotels and Resorts (the most prestigious hotels in the Middle East, Fady Ibrahim and Joyce Mouawad. Thank you for being the main driver, and for your hard work, in keeping confidence in the tourism industry in Lebanon.”

Among those who also spoke were Walid Aboud, Anwar Harb, Lebanese ambassador Milad Raad, Asaad Khoury and the CEO of the Arab Bank Australia, Joe Rizk who praised the Australian-Lebanese Chamber of Commerce’s work in serving the communities of Lebanon and Australia.

Joe Rizk (the CEO of the ABA) with wife Maureen & other guests

Mr Harb speaking

Ambassador Elie Al Turk, Michael Rizk and other guests

Fadi Ibrahim, Danny Nicholas, Imad Brro and Asaad Khoury

Mr, R. Jabbour, Ms B. Hindi, Ms J. Mouawad, Mr T&Mrs M Khattar

Michel and Zetta Douwaihi and other guests

Ikbal Shalala, Michel Murr with wife and Anthony Hasham



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