ALCC ready to play its part in rebuilding Lebanon

ALCC ready to play its part in rebuilding Lebanon

The Head of the Australian-Lebanese Chamber of Commerce, Joe Khattar, expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants, H.E. Gebran Bassil, for the honorary shield he presented to him as a token of thanks and appreciation for his efforts in supporting Lebanon. The presentation was made at the Lebanese Diaspora Energy Conference for Oceania 2018 held in Sydney last month. The Australian-Lebanese Chamber of Commerce, with all its members, was the main supporter of the conference. This is an excerpt of Mr Khattar's speech which he delivers at the Gala Dinner of the LDE Conference.

THE Australian Lebanese Chamber of Commerce is deeply honoured and privileged to be sponsoring this major event, which is the first of its kind in Australia …

The chamber has accompanied the LDE Conferences in Beirut right from the beginning, by being there, and received the first award by any Australian Lebanese organisation by HE Foreign Minister Gibran Bassil in appreciation for the work done over so many years, here in Australia and in Lebanon.

Our objective is to see our beloved homeland back on track and better than before.

We strongly believe that this can be easily done if all Lebanese, whether in Lebanon or the Diaspora, could come together.

Minister Gibran, allow me to say that we are of Lebanese descent and are extremely proud of this, but feel somewhat terribly embarrassed when such issues as waste, electricity, water and many others are linked to Lebanon’s well-being when we do our best to project a totally different picture of our beloved homeland.

This unfortunate situation does not help us to keep on promoting the Lebanon we knew and aspire it to be.

It’s time for action, and not rhetoric that leads us nowhere.

I want to reassure all that the chamber is at Lebanon’s side and will continue to do so and push forward in order to see our people live a decent life that they deserve in a stable, modern, just and prosperous Lebanon.


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