Keneally steps back into political arena: “For me, the major issue is education"

Keanelly speaking during a press conference in Eastwood in the presence of MP Tony Burke

Keneally steps back into political arena: “For me, the major issue is education"


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Sydney - M. E. Times Int'l: Mrs Keneally explains what has motivated her to take this latest step in her career.

In a press conference attended by the Federal Member for Watson Tony Burke, Mrs Keneally told the Middle East Times what has motivated her to take this latest step in her career.

“I’M incredibly honored and humbled that Labor leader Bill Shorten asked me to be the candidate in Bennelong. This is an amazing opportunity for the people of Bennelong to speak not just on behalf of themselves but on behalf of Australia.  The Turnbull Government is failing the people of Australia.

Keneally with Burke and our editor

“For me, the major issue is education. If you have a great public education system, if you have a well-resourced university and TAFE system I think anybody, no matter where they come from, has the opportunity to get ahead to live their dreams, to live to their fullest potential.  My dad didn’t graduate from university until I was about eight or nine.  He was an engineer and I remember going to his graduation and what a difference that made in our family’s lives to have a father who was university educated.  My mother got a teaching diploma and taught for a while -- she was the major breadwinner in our family, while my dad was doing that degree. I know the value of having an education behind you.

“The Liberals, however, are cutting funding education funding; $17 billion from schools and $3.8 billion from universities.

“This Federal Government is also delivering slow NBN and electricity power prices have just gone up and up. In NSW they have gone up 16 per cent in the past five years.

Keneally speaking to our editor

“Then there is Medicare and health. The freeze they have on Medicare has seen people skip going to the doctor because it is costing more and more and it’s harder to get into to see a GP. Here in Eastwood they closed the Medicare office. I had a real tangible example of what that means recently when I took my son, 17, to the Medicare office in Top Ryde, which is the only Medicare office in this electorate.  There was an hour wait and then they told me to come back next Tuesday. I looked around at all these people waiting to get their matter sorted out and I thought this is what happens when the Liberals get in government. I was angry on their behalf because Liberals have cut services making it harder for people to get essential health care.

“So when Bill asked me if I would be Labor’s candidate in the community in which I live I couldn’t say no. Malcolm Turnbull is wrecking this country. This is an opportunity to send a clear message to Canberra and hopefully a clear voice with me as their representative.”

Kaltoum, Shalala and Burke MP


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