LATEST Lebanese News

Date:  25 - 26 JUNE 2016


LBCI: Ex-PM Hariri arrived at ex-PM Miqati's residence in el-Mina where a closed-door meeting will be held in the presence of Nader Hariri.

Hariri: Some are trying to depict moderation as weakness, but moderation is strength and it has rescued Tripoli and entire Lebanon.

Hariri: The members of the new municipal council are all my brothers and Tripoli's interest comes before anything else.

Hariri: I salute the Tripoli that confronted sedition and expelled the tools of evil and the brigades of sabotage and displacement. I salute Tripoli's martyrs and young men, who faced unjust campaigns and arbitrary arrests.

Ex-PM Hariri at Tripoli iftar banquet: I respect the will of Tripoli's voters and we respect democracy.

Nasrallah: We do not tolerate any hostile behavior towards our people.

Nasrallah: Those who claim to be keen on the Lebanese people are the ones who destroyed the Lebanese economy and the banking sector. We are open to dialogue and solutions but not on the basis of accepting the U.S. law.

Nasrallah: There are banks in Lebanon that went too far and implemented measures that were not even requested by the Americans themselves. They removed the accounts of charitable associations whose names were not mentioned in the U.S. blacklist. Is this a legal and humanitarian behavior or is it an attack on people and on the charitable associations?

Nasrallah: We extend gratitude to the leader imam, Sayyed Khamenei, and to the leadership of the Islamic Republic and its government, president, scholars and people for their generous support which has never stopped.

Nasrallah: We do not have business projects or investment institutions that benefit from banks. We openly say that Hizbullah's budget and funds come directly from the Islamic Republic of Iran and as long as Iran has money we will have money.

Nasrallah: We categorically reject the U.S. sanctions law and claims that Hizbullah is collapsing financially are childish dreams. I have already said even the strictest implementation of the U.S. law will not affect Hizbullah as an organizational and jihadi structure.

Nasrallah to Hizbullah's fighters: The same as we counted on you in the July War, we are counting on you in the Aleppo battle.

Nasrallah: We will boost our presence in Aleppo and all allies must also do that because the real battle is there.

Nasrallah: From June 1 to June 24, the militant groups lost 617 fighters, including dozens of field commanders, and more than 800 militants were wounded while over 80 APCs, tanks and vehicles were destroyed.

Nasrallah: Several achievements have been made in Aleppo and we have broken the siege and persevered in the face of the fierce assaults.

Nasrallah: Our toll from the Aleppo battle since June 1 is 26 martyrs, one captive and one missing fighter.

Nasrallah: It is our duty to be in Aleppo and to remain in Aleppo.

Nasrallah: The U.S.-Saudi-takfiri scheme is seeking to make an achievement in Syria through Aleppo's front.

Nasrallah: A new war on Syria in being launched from the northern front, especially from Aleppo, and to defend Aleppo is to defend Damascus, Lebanon, Iraq and Jordan.

Nasrallah: After they failed to reach Damascus from Lebanon, Jordan and the eastern front, Saudi Arabia and Turkey have dispatched thousands of militants in a bid to launch an offensive from the northern front.

Nasrallah: The Syrian regime and its allies fought for four years before Russia's intervention.

Nasrallah: Hizbullah responded within hours to a call from Iraq's forces on sending cadres and commanders to assist the fight against the IS and the needed number of operatives was ready at dawn.

Nasrallah: Badreddine played a key role in the release of our captives from Israeli prisons.

Nasrallah: With Badreddine's martyrdom, we lost a major leader of the resistance and a creative mind who does not bend no matter the storms and calamities.

Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah in a speech marking 40 days since the death of top Hizbullah commander Mustafa Badreddine: I congratulate the families of the martyrs who fell in Aleppo and these martyrs are our honor in this life and in the afterlife.

Information Minister Ramzi Jreij: The cabinet demanded that all the ministries provide the CDR with information on the developmental projects they are carrying out.

MTV: The General Security arrested a Syrian national over links to terror groups.

LBCI (100.5): The Lebanese judiciary released Ibrahim al-Rawwas who was held against the backdrop of the Abra incidents.

LBCI: Foreign Minister Jebran Bassil plans to discuss reportedly "unbalanced distribution of developmental projects."

Health Minister Wael Abou Faour before he joined the meeting at the cabinet: We have presented to PM Salam the defects in the Costa Brava tender. We will not accept squandering of public funds.

Education Minister Elias Bou Saab ahead of the cabinet session: We will be asking who is deciding that certain projects are put into implementation and who is delaying other ones.

Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq ahead of the cabinet session: I will put forward for discussion the trash management file.

Labor Minister Sejaan Qazzi arrived at the Grand Serail to take part in a cabinet meeting: I will participate in the meeting because it is time to shoulder responsibilities and i will represent the Christians the Maronites and even the Kataeb party.

ISF arrested 73 individuals for committing various crimes throughout Lebanon.




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