LATEST Lebanese News

Date: 24 - 25 June 2015


National News Agency: A shell was found on the seashore in the Akkar area of al-Sheikh Znad.

Patriarch al-Rahi from Amchit: If the MPs had mercy towards their country, they would have headed to parliament and elected a president, and they would have tried to find real solutions.

EX-PM Saad Hariri via Twitter: We are fully aware of challenges facing the Lebanese due to the deteriorating economic and social situations that are compounded by vacuum in the presidency and paralysis of the legislative and executive branches

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir: The Saudi-French agreement for equipping the Lebanese army is still in effect.

Al-Jadeed: The army carried out raids in Brital.

Bassil: Cabinet cannot convene without tackling the appointments file.

FM Bassil from Ain el-Tineh: We “represent the president” and we're partners in the cabinet and the agendas of its sessions cannot be prepared without taking our opinion into consideration.

LBCI: Four people were wounded in a clash in Tripoli's el-Mina and the army is pursuing those involved.

LBCI: Secretary-General of the Arab League Nabil al-Arabi arrived at Ain al-Tineh to meet with Speaker Nabih Berri.

VDL (93.3): A three-member Syrian gang was arrested for drug trafficking in the West Bekaa.

Berri: The current situation requires everyone to assume their responsibilities towards fortifying Lebanon and seeking national interests.

March 14 General Secretariat: The latest developments at Roumieh jail are a product of the fragmentation of the state, caused primarily by Hizbullah's possession of arms.

TMC: Four people were injured in a collision between two vehicles on the Balamand highway.

NNA: The army is shelling the outskirts of Ras Baalbek, targeting the movement of jihadists.

PM Tammam Salam is holding talks at the Grand Serail with Telecom Minister Butros Harb.

Interior Minister Mashnouq: Uproar was created over the inmates abuse video, but no one blinked an eye towards the video showing prisoners beating guards that was released 20 days ago.

MP Michel Pharaon from parliament: The paralysis at parliament and at cabinet are spreading to the remaining state institutions.

Al-Jadeed: The army shelled with artillery the positions of gunmen on the outskirts of Arsal.

VDL (100.5): Speaker Nabih Berri postponed the presidential elections to July 15 over a lack of quorum at parliament.

Bassil: We should cooperate in order to halt the funding of the IS and the propagation of its views.

FM Jebran Bassil during Arab foreign minister meeting: We will not allow IS to become a constant in our lives and stability will not be achieved if the Arab-Israeli conflict is not resolved.

VDL (93.3): Prime Minister Tammam Salam met with European Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighborhood Policy Johannes Hahn.

TMC: A man died in a collision between his motorcycle and a vehicle in Tripoli's al-Maarad area.

Beirut police arrested 16 Lebanese, 2 Syrians and 2 Palestinians for committing different crimes.

MP Walid Khoury to VDL (100.5): The economic mobility scheduled for tomorrow is perfectly political, and the economic situation in the country is acceptable.

ISF arrested 60 people for committing different crimes across Lebanon.

Gasoline prices rose LL200.


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