LATEST Lebanese News

Date: 02 - 03  Nov. 2014


Army Command: Lebanese national Mohammed Hassan Fleiti and Syrian citizen Fadi Abdul Karim al-Bustani were arrested in Wadi Hmeid after the former tried to smuggle the latter into Lebanese territory.

Sayyed Nasrallah: We're fighting in Syria to defend Lebanon and the region and prevent massacres like those ordered by Baghdadi against Iraq's Albu Nimr tribe.

Anatolia quoting high-ranking Israeli officer: Hizbullah does not have an interest in opening a front against Israel on the northern border during this period.

Army Command: A military expert defused the bomb in Haret Saida and it was not detonated, contrary to what some media outlets reported. The bomb contained 500 grams of TNT, a hand grenade and an electric detonator.

VDL (100.5): Army units are carrying out raids in the old souks, Souk al-Qameh, Haret al-Barraniyeh, Bab al-Tabbaneh and al-Beddawi in search of fugitives and suspects.

Labor Minister Qazzi to MTV: Extension is the abnormal step and our stance is clear on rejecting extension. The security situation is not optimal but it is not so dire to require postponing the elections.

Labor Minister Qazzi to MTV: Kataeb's MPs will attend the extension session but will abstain from voting.

MTV: Geagea will make last-minute contacts in the coming days in order to avoid extension and the LF's stance will be decided in light of the outcome.

MTV: Kataeb's MPs will attend the extension session but they will abstain from voting while the Change and Reform bloc lawmakers will walk out of the session in a protest move.

Future TV: The army is using the "water detonation" technique on the explosive device that was found in Haret Saida after bomb technicians failed to defuse it.

LBCI: The bomb defused by the army in Haret Saida consisted of 700 grams of TNT and two hand grenades that were set for remote detonation.

MTV: A bag containing 2 unarmed hand grenades was found near a Ashoura gathering organized by Hizbullah in Haret Saida.

Future TV: The suspicious object in Haret Saida turned out to be an explosive device consisted of two hand grenades and a detonator.

Al-Jadeed: The army is dismantling an explosive device in Haret Saida.

Al-Jadeed: The Haret Saida road was closed after a suspicious object was discovered.

Army Command: A major crackdown was conducted in the vicinity of the al-Beddawi camp in search of gunmen and fugitives while raids were carried out in several suspicious places.

Education Minister Elias Bou Saab: Tomorrow, Monday is a normal school day and the Ashoura holiday is on Tuesday.

Al-Nusra sources to LBCI: We will not hand over the names of inmates at the current stage to protect them.

LBCI: A meeting for the crisis cell will be held in the upcoming hours to discuss al-Nusra Front demands.

MTV: Maj. Gen. Abbas Ibrahim will have a major role in the swap between the Nusra Front and the Syrian regime.

MP Ibrahim Kanaan to LBCI: The Change and Reform bloc will meet ahead of Wednesday's parliamentary session to take a stance from the extension bid.

OTV: 12 Syrians were detained in al-Suwaira for suspected links with terrorist organizations.

MP Fadi Karam to VDL (93.3): Aoun is trying to change the current political structure to reach the presidential palace.

MP Qassem Hashem to VDL (93.3): Dialogue is the only way to reach common grounds between the rival parties.

MP Jean Oghassabian to VDL (93.3): The people should stand by the army in its war against terrorism.

ISF detained 60 people for committing various crimes throughout Lebanese territories.

FM Jebran Bassil kicked off a tour on villages in the northern Akkar district.


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