LATEST Lebanese News

Date: 25-26 May 2015

Franjieh to al-Manar: Michel Samaha is involved with the other camp in an attempt to frame our camp.

MP Suleiman Franjieh to al-Manar: Christians and all minorities and secularists are already afraid and the problem in Lebanon is that some parties are supporting this tafkiri ideology in a direct or indirect way.

Army Command: 90 Syrians have been arrested in the Bekaa and the North.

National News Agency: A woman is trying to commit suicide in Ashrafieh near the Sioufi Garden and a unit from the Beirut Fire Brigade has headed to the location.

Kataeb chief Amin Gemayel at seminar on presidency: The course we are on is a suicidal course.

24 drivers who had been stranded at the Saudi border arrived at Beirut's airport.

NNA: Trash and tires burned near the Zouk power plant, causing a huge black smoke.

LBCI: A fire erupted at an encampment for Syrian refugees in the town of Marj.

VDL (93.3): Clashes erupted between the IS and al-Nusra Front in Arsal's outskirts after the kidnapping of an al-Nusra member.

VDL (100.5): IS militants kidnapped an al-Nusra Front fighters from Arsal and wounding him in the leg.

Qazzi: The next meeting of the consultative gathering will be held in early June at Harb's residence.

Qazzi: The independent judiciary is the real guarantee for ending impunity.

Qazzi: The differences on the security and military appointments hadn't happened if there were a president. Only the election of a head of state would resolve this problem.

Qazzi: Only legitimate forces should provide stability to all Lebanese regions that are under threat as a result of the border problems.

Qazzi: The liberation of the South will not be complete unless all parties abide by the constitution and legitimacy of the state.

Qazzi: The government should take all measures to control the border area.

All those boycotting the electoral sessions are to be blamed for the vacuum, said Qazzi.

The so-called consultative gathering in a statement read by Qazzi: The presidential vacuum is threatening the Lebanese existence. The election of a president is necessary to protect the unity of Lebanon and the Lebanese.

Firefighters doused a blaze at a bush in the town of al-Maaniyeh in Iqlim al-Kharroub.

NNA: A percussion grenade was tossed in Ain el-Hilweh at dawn. No casualties were reported.

MTV: A meeting is underway in Sin el-Fil between Gemayel, Suleiman and 8 cabinet ministers.

Minister Michel Pharaon to VDL (93.3): It's necessary to liberate ourselves from the presidential vacuum.

LBCI: The army arrested scores of Syrians in the towns of Minyara and Jdeideh and the main road of Halba.

ISF arrested 30 people for committing different crimes across Lebanon.

VDL (93.3): Hallab store in Jbeil was robbed. Thieves took LL23 million from the safe box.

VDL (93.3): Two people were injured after the army opened fire at a group of men who had pelted the troops with stone in al-Beddawi.

MP Qassem Hashem to VDL (100.5): Nasrallah's speech came out of his keenness on the security of Arsal and in a bid to salvage it from a time bomb.

Minister Butros Harb to VDL (100.5): I admit that the cabinet is incapable of meeting the challenges that the country is facing.

TMC: An individual was killed in a collision between a car and a truck on the main road of the Nabatiyeh town of Ansar.

NNA: The army erected several checkpoints on the roads leading to Brital and began carrying out raids in search for fugitives.



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