LATEST Lebanese News


Date:  22- 23 July 2016

Ex-PM Hariri held separate talks at the Center House with the U.S. and Turkish ambassadors.

The army said the two ships it searched at Tripoli's port did not contain any illegal items and that the inspection was part of the “routine security measures.”

NNA: The army arrested 3 suspects involved in the illegal trade of arms in raids in the towns of al-Kaniseh and Riha east of Bekaa, and confiscated raw materials used in the manufacturing of narcotics and hashish.

Tripoli Port Manager to VDL (100.5): The two Turkish ships were searched and no illegal material was found. The vessels have emptied their loads and left the port without any problems.

VDL (100.5): Prime Minister Tammam Salam holds talks with Beirut governor Ziad Shbib and Municipal Chief Jamal Itani.

Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblat left to Paris.

VDL (100.5): Armed clashes erupted in the town of Britel between the Tleis and Srour families.

VDL (100.5): Prime Minister Tammam Salam holds talks with the new appointed head of mission and force commander of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon Maj. Gen. Michael Beary.

ISF arrested A.Aa in the town of Joon on charges of gunfire shooting and a murder attempt.

MP Jamal al-Jarrah: It is impossible to come out with a president in light of the regional complications.

ISF arrested 146 individuals for committing various crimes throughout Lebanon.


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