LATEST Lebanese News


Date:  6 - 7 December 2016

The Syrian army has seized five new rebel districts in Aleppo city, including the strategic al-Shaar neighborhood, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

Bassil: We agreed with Hizbullah on Lebanon's strength, not on intimidating anyone.

Bassil: We won't accept that the resistance be turned into an excuse to achieve gains and garner ministerial portfolios.

Bassil: We call for the representation of everyone in the government – Kataeb, Marada, SSNP, Arslan and March 8's Sunnis – even in a 24-member cabinet.

Bassil: Our relation with Hizbullah is firm and there won't be a Christian-Shiite rift.

Bassil after meeting of Change and Reform bloc: The discussion over the cabinet goes beyond ministerial portfolios because we are witnessing a new political situation although some are refusing to acknowledge this.


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