Moselmane Condemns the actions of ISIS (Daesh)

Moselmane Condemns the actions of ISIS (Daesh)

Shaoquett Moselmane, Labor Member of the NSW Legislative Council, today condemned the actions of ISIS (Daesh) in their wilful and horrific destruction of shrines, tombs, churches and mosques in Syria and Iraq.

 “Recent reports from Syria and Iraq about the actions of ISIS are deeply disturbing”, Mr Moselmane said.

“ISIS is systematically destroying Iraq and Syria’s religious and cultural heritage sites as part of a quest for a “caliphate”.

“In Mosul, an 1800 year old church, the tomb of biblical figure Jonah and many other Sunni and Shia Mosques and shrines are destroyed.

 “As well as this, the tombs and statues of important cultural and literary figures have also been destroyed.

“These are just a few examples of the many reports that have come out of Iraq and Syria over the past few weeks.

“I am also deeply concerned about the persecution of Christians and other minority groups in Mosul and other parts of northern Iraq and Syria.

“There have been disturbing images of the violence that ISIS is prepared to perpetrate against the citizens of Iraq and Syria.

“I join with many across the world and condemn the actions of ISIS in the strongest possible way.

I call on the Federal Government to work with the international community to do all it can to protect local citizens and Iraq’s religious and historic cultural shrines from the savagery of ISIS”, added Mr Moselmane.

“ISIS must be stopped. Its actions are barbaric and are not in line with Islamic teachings of tolerance and acceptance of other cultures and religions and must be condemned in no uncertain terms. 

 “All Muslims reject and condemn the actions of ISIS. Their actions are barbaric, hideous and must be stopped.


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