18 JULY 2014

The Victorian Multicultural Commission (VMC) is closely monitoring the deteriorating situation in Gaza which has led to regrettable civilian deaths and injuries. We are concerned with the escalating nature of the situation and hope for the swift restoration of peace and calm for the region and people affected by the conflict all over the world.

The events in Gaza are neither desirable or safe and do not mirror the unity that is being achieved in Victoria.

“Multiculturalism in Victoria is our way of life and one we are all proud of. It is our hope that overseas events and conflicts do not diminish or destabilise the unity and harmony we have achieved and continue to maintain here in Victoria,” said Mr Chin Tan, Chairperson, VMC.

Mr Tan urged all communities to continue to abide by the principles and values of multiculturalism that we cherish, and for communities to demonstrate leadership and goodwill in these challenging times.

“By showing leadership, Victoria will continue to thrive and succeed as a multicultural society. Every Victorian and each community has a personal and collective responsibility to build a positive, cohesive and harmonious community.

“We all need to express goodwill, mutual respect and understanding towards each other, regardless of our diverse backgrounds and despite events and conflicts that occur overseas.

“We trust and believe that all communities will continue to work together to promote and foster our shared multicultural values in order to preserve the harmony, unity and peace we enjoy here in Victoria,” said Mr Tan.


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