OMAN: Sense of belonging key to survival for modern firms

OMAN: Sense of belonging key to survival for modern firms

11th, May 2014

MUSCAT — Modern organisations need to do a self-analysis and make them attractive to the employees, inculcate a sense of belonging in order to survive in the longer run, says Dr Ibrahim bin Ahmed al Kindi, CEO, Oman Establishment for Press, Publishing and Advertising (OEPPA).

Speaking to the Observer on the sidelines of the two-day training programme on strategic leadership development organised by the Research and Business Development Department of OEPPA at Crowne Plaza Hotel, Al Kindi said the high attrition rates and low retention rates can be balanced only when the management applies the principles and elements of the modern management.

“Modern organisations need to understand the mantra of retaining their best employees by applying the three-tier formula of succession planning. This is vital to make their manpower more productive and to engage them in the strides to growth”.

He elaborated the three-tier formula of engaging the staff in training and development programmes besides making them develop a sense of belonging to the organisation

and to make them productive by motivating and inspiring them continuously.

“I think we need to implement all those principles into practice if your organisation is employee-oriented as is the case with most of the organisations. We need to motivate them, train them, to make them productive and creative besides inculcating a sense of belonging with the firm where they spend a lions share of their lives”.

Employees, however smaller or bigger their positions in the organisation is, consider them as the real assets and if one doesn’t consider them as the biggest asset of the organisation, they will sooner or later leave the organisation and find a better place that treats them for what they are and give them enough room for growth.

Dr Ibrahim said that the issue of retaining the best employees is often present among the public companies whereas the private firms find it rather easier to keep their highly productive assets – the manpower.

“The private sector companies are able to retain their good staff whereas the public firms often fail to retain them because of the centralisation of powers whereas the private firms can take decisions at single-man level or at around a meeting table”.

He opined that the problem is between the centralisation of decisions and the open policy of taking decisions. Modern generation should know these principles and implement them in their professional as well as personal lives for a smoother and hassle-free sail in the highly-competitive corporate world.


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