Mohammed bin Rashid: Applying positive energy is key to success

Mohammed bin Rashid: Applying positive energy is key to success


UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, has asserted that applying positive energy in all aspects of life is the key to success and excellence as it motivates innovation and is a catalyst to overcoming challenges and exploring opportunities that develop the community.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid's statement came during his meeting with 25 Kuwaiti university students currently visiting the United Arab Emirates, in the company of 25 UAE students. The meeting took place at the Government of Dubai Media Office (GDMO).

Sheikh Mohammed referred the UAE's bright successes and achievements to the wise leadership of UAE President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, his instructions to recognise sustainable development and his assertion to utilise resources in a rational fashion that guarantee success and prosperity.

His Highness indicated the significant role of thousands of dedicated teams that work under his direct supervision to translate his vision for the UAE's future to materialistic reality. He added that these teams are gathered around team spirit which is the key of their success and the driving force behind their desire to continue developing on both personal and institutional levels.

Sheikh Mohammed described the success of UAE initiatives and projects as a constitutional development voyage and the direct result of keen planning, perseverance and hard work that was originally initiated by science. In its early days, the UAE sent young Emiratis abroad to learn and acquire knowledge and skills to utilise in serving their country and supporting the ambitious objectives that came along with the formation of the Federation.

Highlighting the strength of the bilateral relations between Kuwait and the UAE, Sheikh Mohammed welcomed the visiting delegation, wishing them a fruitful visit. His Highness stressed the importance of expanding youth's horizons by enabling them to enrich their knowledge and promote exchange programmes and the flow of knowledge and experiences in both directions.

Sheikh Mohammed listened to thoughts and ideas of the Kuwaiti students who expressed their gratitude for the warm welcome and the remarkable opportunity to meet Sheikh Mohammed in person. The Kuwaiti students also thanked Sheikh Mohammed for his support for youth that is manifested in many of his initiatives like the Dubai Press Club (DPC) that had proven competence as one of the most prominent media and communication platforms in the Middle East.

Expressing his warm welcome and hospitality for the visiting delegation, Sheikh Mohammed participated in the taking of personal photographs with every member of the visiting delegation in a generous gesture from His Highness to assure his full support for all Arab youth.

The meeting was attended by the Managing Director of the Government of Dubai Media Office, Mona al Marri, Director of Dubai Press Club, Muna Bu Samra, and a number of GDMO and DPC staff.

From their side, members of the Kuwaiti delegation expressed their gratitude and sincere appreciation for His Highness' hospitality and warm welcome.

The visiting Kuwaiti delegation applauded the vision of Sheikh Mohammed and his sincere unrelenting efforts in catalysing positive development in all aspects of life in the UAE, especially in the field of media. The delegation considered the visit a unique opportunity to learn from the success of the United Arab Emirates.

The Kuwaiti delegation listened to an illustration from Mona al Marri about GDMO's activities and its role to boost cooperation between the Government of Dubai and local and international media community. Muna Bu Samra also briefed the delegation about Dubai Press Club and its initiatives and projects including the Arab Journalism Award, Arab Media Forum and newly launched Emirati Media Forum.

The visit of the Kuwaiti delegation will last until the 14th of November, coinciding with DPC's 14th anniversary. DPC was established in 1999 pursuant to directives from His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to establish a non-conventional networking platform for media professionals inside and outside the United Arab Emirates.


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