MP Ali Al-Rashed expects Assembly will be dissolved shortly

MP Ali Al-Rashed expects Assembly will be dissolved shortly

KUWAIT: MP Ali Al-Rashed reiterated yesterday his expectations that the National Assembly is likely to be dissolved very soon, even before the highly anticipated ruling of the constitutional court. Rashed, the speaker of the previous Assembly which was scrapped by the constitutional court in June, said, “I still expect the Assembly to be scrapped and could even be dissolved (by the Amir) before the constitutional court ruling” on Dec 23. The lawmaker’s comments came after a veiled criticism by head of the constitutional court Youssef Al-Mutawa to similar statements made by him on Sunday in which he said he expected the court to scrap the July parliamentary elections because of flawed procedures.

In statements to Al-Jarida daily, Mutawa insisted that scrapping the National Assembly is the sole authority of the constitutional court which will issue its ruling on Dec 23. The constitutional court has already scrapped two parliamentary elections citing illegal procedures by the government. Petitions were filed against the July Assembly on the grounds that the government that dissolved the Assembly and called for fresh election was “illegitimate” because it did not include any elected member from the Assembly. Rashed said he expects the Assembly to be dissolved by the Amir even before the court’s ruling, but he gave no justification for his expectations.

Tension between the Assembly and MPs have risen in the past few days after requests have been submitted by MPs to grill the prime minister in addition to the minister of health and state minister for planning and development. The three grillings are listed on the agenda of today’s Assembly session but it is highly expected that the premier and the two ministers will use their constitutional rights by demanding the debate of the grillings be postponed for two weeks. The grillings were filed by MP Riyadh Al-Adasani against Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah, MP Hussein Al-Quwaiaan against Health Minister Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah Al-Sabah and MP Khalil Abdullah against State Minister for Development and Planning Rola Dashti.

Veteran MP Adnan Abdulsamad said yesterday that retaining Dashti in the Cabinet was in itself a crisis and keeping her in the job is confirming the crisis. There have been several calls for the prime minister to dismiss Dashti. MP Faisal Al-Duwaisan however said yesterday that the there is a constitutional suspicion over the grilling against the prime minister.

In another development, head of the Assembly’s priority team MP Ali Al-Omair yesterday distributed the team’s proposed program to discuss and approve various key projects following consultations with the government. The program includes 26 sessions until early May in addition to two special sessions to discuss the housing problem in December and to debate a law for establishing the multibillion-dollar projects of the Silk City and Boubyan Island. Other important projects include debating the establishment of a telecom commission, the establishment of a human rights agency, a draft law for public universities and others.


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