3 October 2013



Member for Baulkham Hills David Elliott today welcomed NSW Government reforms to combat ticket scalping for major events.


Mr Elliott said the proposed measures will protect fans when buying tickets to major sport, concert or entertainment events in NSW.


“For too long scalpers have exploited passionate fans, who pay inflated prices for tickets or are ripped off by being sold tickets that are fake,” Mr Elliott said.


“The O’Farrell-Stoner Government is setting clear ground rules so that fans are more informed when buying tickets, while also empowering event organisers to enforce their terms and conditions of sale.


“Ticket scalping erodes consumer confidence in the system, so the Liberals and Nationals Government is developing laws that require anyone reselling tickets to a major event to include standard information.”


Any advertisement (or similar communication) for resale to the public must include:


·         a clear and legible image of the ticket, showing the ticket number, row and seat number but obscured barcode (so it can’t be copied);

·         details of the terms and conditions of sale of the ticket, or details of where to find them (for example, on a website); and

·         notice of any condition which allows the ticket to be cancelled if it is resold in breach of its terms and conditions (a warning must be placed on the front).


“Event organisers are accountable to their fans in setting prices and enforcing ticket conditions,” Mr Elliott said.


“The proposed requirements will not apply if a ticket is sold through a resale system that has been publicly authorised in writing (eg on a ticket or website) by the event owner.


“The Government understands there is a need for a fair and transparent secondary ticket market for people who can’t attend an event but need to sell their ticket.


“We will continue to work with all parties to help develop the new laws before they are introduced into Parliament.”

3 October 2013



Member for Baulkham Hills David Elliott today congratulated the two most active and largest business councils focused on Pakistan – Australian trade relations for their signing a memorandum of understanding.


A meeting held during Expo Pakistan 2013 in Karachi, on 28 September saw Hills based businessman Kashif Amjad, Senior Vice President of the Pakistan Australia Business Council (www.pabc.org.au) and Pervez Madrasawala, President of the Pakistan Australia Business Forum (www.pabf.com.pk) reach agreement on co-operation in their pursuit of economic opportunities into the future.


Mr Elliott, the Patron of the Pakistan Australia Business Forum, said the agreement would create a streamlined effort in creating economic opportunities between Pakistan and Australia.


“By having these two associations come together, opportunities for economic growth and co-operation between businesses in Pakistan and Australia will encourage further investment in the Asia-Pacific region.” Mr Elliott said.


Mr Amjad expressed his thanks to Ms Nicola Watkinson, Director of South Asia for Austrade, Mr Tahir Mahmood, Austrade Manager Sindh, and Mr Azhar Shah, Country Manager Austrade Pakistan, for their guidance on this step.


Mr Amjad also expressed his gratitude to Mr Madrasawala and his team.


“This would not have happened without the help of TDAP and, in particular, Mr Abdul Aziz Uqaili, for having a PABC representative at the Expo for this historic event,” Mr Amjad said.


“The entire PABC executive team look forward to further improving Pakistan Australia trade relations over the coming years and making significant announcements at next year’s EXPO.”


2 October 2013



Member for Baulkham Hills David Elliott today urged Hills residents to nominate a deserving young person for the Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA).


Mr Elliott said the RYLA offered a valuable opportunity for local youth to develop their leadership skills.

RYLA is a personal and professional development programme that recognises young leaders and empowers them to create positive change in their community," Mr Elliott said.


Many recipients of the Award leave the RYLA with a drive to create positive change in their community, along with increased confidence, self-awareness and a valuable support network.”

Award recipients will attend a week-long conference focussed on their leadership development. All costs are borne by the local sponsoring Rotary Club.


The 2014 RYLA Conference will be held from 11-18 January.

Nominations close Friday, 1 November.

2 October 2013



Member for Baulkham Hills David Elliott today urged student teachers from the Hills to apply for the new cadetships and internships, announced as part of the NSW government’s Great Teaching, Inspired Learning reforms.


Applications are now open for:


· 10 Internship Placements – for high-achieving final-year teacher education students to be employed as paraprofessionals in schools prior to graduation and;

· 10 Cadetship Placements – for high-achieving school leavers to be employed as part-time paraprofessionals in classrooms from the start of their teacher training.


Mr Elliott said the new cadetships and internships are designed to attract and retain the best and brightest new teachers.


“Teaching is the single-most important in-school influence on student performance. The new incentives for beginning teachers are designed to attract the best people into teaching degrees, and also support them once they enter the classroom,” Mr Elliott said.


“High-achieving final year school students, who intend to study teaching, are able to apply for the cadetship placements available in NSW government schools.


“In their first year the cadets will support teachers in non-classroom roles, but in their second and subsequent years, cadets will support teachers in all aspects of their role, including in the classroom.


“High-achieving final year teaching students are able to apply for internships in NSW government schools, where their role will be similar to that of the cadets’ second and subsequent year duties.


Applications for programmes close on Friday 15 November 2013. For information on how to apply, please visit: www.dec.nsw.gov.au/gtil-initial-teacher-education


2 October 2013



Member for Baulkham Hills David Elliott said that as of today the new streamlined standard contract and disclosure documents for retirement villages must be used when selling property or occupation rights to potential residents.

Mr Elliott said the new documents will make the move into a village easier and less stressful for retirees and their families.

“It is now a simpler process to compare villages to choose one that best suits a person’s lifestyle and needs,” Mr Elliott said.

“The Liberals & Nationals made an election commitment to develop a standard contract for retirement villages and we have delivered.

“These simple reforms are long overdue and by delivering them in its first term the Government is making a tremendous difference to the many thousands of people who move into retirement villages each year.

According to Mr Elliott, operators must also give potential residents a detailed disclosure statement at least 14 days before they sign a village contract.

“The old disclosure statement has also been simplified from 20 pages down to six so that residents can easily find the important information they need before signing their contract.

“In addition, a new general inquiry document must also be provided if a potential resident, or someone on their behalf, contacts a village.

“This document gives an overview of the village, its facilities, the type of accommodation available and a broad idea of the costs.

“Operators risk severe penalties if their contracts are not in the standard form with a potential fine of up to $55,000 and the risk of not being able to enforce the contract.”

President of the Retirement Village Residents Association, Jan Pritchett, welcomed the introduction of the new standard documents.

“They will be beneficial for new residents moving into NSW villages, by providing the vital financial information in the initial pages of the contract,” she said.

The documents and further information are available at www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au or by calling 13 32 20.


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