Coalition broadband policy should go back to basics

Coalition broadband policy should go back to basics

Labor Parliamentary Secretary for Broadband Ed Husic MP has today called on incoming Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull to go back to basics when it came to the Coalition’s broadband policy.

“The real question isn’t about whether you want ‘faster, cheaper’ or ‘slower, better’ broadband.

“It’s about how to best ensure that all Australians can participate in the digital economy of the future.

“If Mr Turnbull is fair dinkum, then he needs to go back to basics and make sure his broadband policy addresses this question.”

Mr Husic said Mr Turnbull had a huge job ahead of him.

“The Communications portfolio is more far-reaching than ever before.

“Information Technology is changing every part of our lives:  the way we work, earn, communicate, learn, shop and look after each other.

"Research continues to show the better the broadband network, the better it is for business to grow and households to save.

“That’s why Australia can’t afford to have a digital divide.

“It’s not in our national interest to divide between those areas that have access to 21st century fibre and those that have last century’s copper.

"And there is no point in us investing billions in a copper network today only have to spend more eventually upgrading to a fibre one.

"There are a lot of questions about how the Coalition is actually going to achieve its copper based broadband plan - and we're determined to make sure we get the right answers in the best interests of Australian businesses and households."


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