The position of President Amin Gemayel of

The position of President Amin Gemayel of "Maaloula" events

The interaction of the attack by Islamic extremist groups on "Maaloula" village of Christianity in Syria and the storming of the churches on Lebanese and international levels has led to the President of the Lebanese Phalange Party, Amin Gemayel to initiate a series of discussions to stop the assault on one of the oldest Christian villages in the east, where the people of "Maaloula"  still speak Aramaic, the language of Christ.

President Gemayel contacted each of the Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations for Political Affairs, Ambassador Jeffrey Feltman , the representative of Ban Ki-moon in Beirut, Ambassador Derek Plumbly, and the Ambassadors of the Vatican, France, Britain and the U.S. Embassies.

President Gemayel has requested that each of their governments take quick action to stop attacks on "Maaloula", and the withdrawal of gunmen from the town and houses of worship. President Gemayel requested that the Ambassadors inform their Heads of State at the twenty countries summit meeting today in St Petersburg, of the magnitude of the assault.

President Gemayel warned that this attack could lead to a further flood of events in Syria towards a more sectarian path and further eradicate the strength of the international community's position on the Syrian situation,  and that they should respond in light of the various international terms of reference given the appeal of President Gemayel.

It is expected that Arab and international stances over this attack are to be issued in light of the contacts between the European capitals and the Vatican. President Gemayel has received throughout the day, distress calls from residents of the town of "Maaloula",  asking for a swift response to save the historically significant town, its people and its spiritual heritage.

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