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Date: 12- 13 August 2014 

LBCI: Abou Mohammed al-Rifai, the head of Tripoli's al-Basha'er association, was killed along with others in battles at the outskirts of Syria's al-Maarra.

NNA: Wael al-Khishn was killed while his father and wife were wounded in a dispute over the property of a land in Sohmor.

Civil Defense: The fire that erupted in al-Douaihy building in Jal el-Dib has been contained after members from 5 different fire departments worked on extinguishing it.

THE ISF announced that it was adopting disciplinary measures against security forces who took part in the Dar al-Fatwa clashes, noting that their reaction was not appropriate.

Congested traffic has been reported on the highway and the seaside road in Jal el-Dib because of a fire that erupted at one of the area's shops.

Mustaqbal bloc congratulated Abul Latif Daryan on his election as grand mufti, hoping it will pave the way for inter-Muslim coexistence, which will in turn pave the way for peace in Lebanon.

Mustaqbal bloc: We are closely monitoring the case of the correction of official exams and hope that the dispute will be resolved as soon as possible.

Mustaqbal bloc: The election of a president should be a priority above all other political issues.

Mustaqbal bloc on presidential elections: We lament the practices of the Hizbullah and Change and Reform blocs that are hindering the election of a head of state.

Mustaqbal bloc: The return of the detained soldiers should be a national priority and all efforts should be exerted to ensure their safe return.

Mustaqbal bloc: The martyrs of Arsal are the martyrs of the whole of Lebanon.

Mustaqbal bloc: Hizbullah's fighting in Syria has brought about tragedies to Lebanon.

Mustaqbal bloc: The Arsal unrest targets the army, which acts as a shield for the country.

Mustaqbal bloc: We welcome the liberation of Arsal and the lessons should be derived from the incident.

Mustaqbal bloc after weekly meeting: The Saudi grant to Lebanon is a sign of a its commitment to the country, starting with the security forces and army.

PSP leader MP Jumblat discussed the latest political developments in the country with British Ambassador Tom Fletcher at his house in Clemenceau.

MTV: PM Salam held talks on the latest developments with a Tashnag party delegation.

Kanaan on the extension of the parliament's term: We are against messing with the constitution especially when it is harmful and ruins the rotation of power and democracy. There are other options like adopting a new electoral law, or electing a president by the people. You should not argue about things that you were responsible for and then head to vacuum, this will have negative effects on all institutions.

Kanaan: A legislative session at the parliament can take place at any time and what is required is meeting quorum and adopting the new wage scale. This issue must be dealt with from a national perspective and without any political considerations.

Kanaan: Parliamentary blocs that have not given their approval on a final formula of the new wage scale that safeguards rights and takes capacities and reform into consideration to work on finding a final solution that can be useful for everyone. Only then official exams will be liberated from all impasses and the state's treasury will be safeguarded.

Kanaan: Today there is a chance to find a solution for the new wage scale issue without violating the rights of teachers, administrators, military personnel, and students. What is required is to benefit from this chance.

Kanaan: We call on everyone to abide by the laws in the contract workers' issue.

Kanaan: This discussion over the contract workers' issue must take place at the parliament and I was informed that there are 897 employees that will sit for evaluation tests.

Kanaan: The law that was adopted at the parliament was reached after an agreement between political parties and the contract workers. It was amended upon adoption to respond to contract workers' requests.

Kanaan: We came forward with a solution to the presidential impasse and it was about returning to the people to free the presidency from political interests. Why is this issue rejected? This is what led to vacuum.

Kanaan: Bidding on national and constitutional matters is rejected.

Kanaan: We held some figures responsible for the possible second extension of the parliament's term. Are they banking on overlooking the constitution?

Kanaan: Today there was a session at the parliament to elect a president and a proposal was made by MP Fattoush to extend the parliament's term. We heard some parties justifying the second extension of the parliament's term.

Kanaan: 3- What's next? Where are the terrorists? On Lebanese territory or not? What can we do to prevent this from happening again? Because it will be pricey if it was to be repeated again.

Kanaan: It is our duty as MPs to ask about issues on the behalf of the Lebanese people.

Kanaan: The second question; who is responsible for using the kidnapped soldiers' case as an issue to pressure the Lebanese state? There are conditions imposed on the state and these involve prisoners in Roumieh and some Islamists... This issue needs to be clarified.

Kanaan: The first question is; who is responsible for the militants' withdrawal and where are the kidnapped soldiers? We want an official explanation from concerned authorities and we ask who is this authority? This is a national issue that concerns the entire country.

MP Ibrahim Kanaan after the Change and Reform bloc's weekly meeting: MP Aoun warned last week of negotiating with terrorists and said that what is needed is supporting the army and finding radical solutions, which means informing citizens about what is happening and what are the responsibilities and what is the battle's fate.

Army Commander Jean Qahwaji during meeting with families of missing soldiers: The army will never be lenient in dealing with its martyrs and wounded.

EDL announced that it has filed charges against two female workers in the Aley district for withholding documents.

EDL: The ongoing closure of the company will lead to interruptions in the electrical feed.

The Army Command mourned in a communique corporal Suhail Mohammed Hassan Dennawi who was martyred during the troops' clashes against terrorist groups in Arsal.

UNIFIL spokesman Andrea Tenenti: The body of an Italian troop was found in the Italian force's base in Shamaa town and investigation is ongoing to reveal the circumstances behind his death.

LBCI: Families of soldiers who were kidnapped in Arsal hold a sit-in in Akkar.

EDL contract workers reopened the highway near the company's HQ after blocking it with burning tires.

Al-Jadeed: STL spokesman Marten Youssef has resigned from his post.

Gharib called for a mass protest in downtown Beirut's Riyad Solh square on Wednesday.

Bou Saab: I decided to postpone issuing certificates until the end of the week.

Bou Saab: The SCC is essential and leads to results. I believe in it. I decided to stop marking the exams upon its wishes.

Bou Saab: The SCC hoped that we stop putting the criteria for marking the exams. After my meeting with the SCC I found out that we can reach common ground through dialogue.

Bou Saab: There are different viewpoints. Some want to mark exams while others want to continue with the boycott. But I don't accept divisions.

Bou Saab: What happened at the ministry today is unfortunate. I would have wished for teachers to remain united.

MP Nicolas Fattoush proposed a draft-law to extend the parliament's term by two two years and 7 months.

Geagea: Any foreign meddling in the polls, which we are seeking to avoid, will be the product of our errors.

Geagea: The other camp is imposing Aoun's election on us and is not allowing us any other option to end the deadlock.

VDL (93.3): General Security chief Abbas Ibrahim held talks with Saudi Ambassador Ali Awadh Asiri and a delegation from the Muslim Scholars Committee.

EDL contract workers blocked with burning tires the road near the company's HQ in Mar Mikhael.

MP Harb from the parliament: The state became at stake. Those who are obstructing the presidential election session should be held responsible.

MP Hashem from the parliament: We should agree on a president who is capable of bridging the gap between the political factions in Lebanon.

Speaker Nabih Berri adjourned the session aimed at electing a president to September 2.

NNA: Firefighters doused a blaze at an ice cream parlor located near Tripoli's Abdul Hamid Karami square.

Gemayel: It is imperative that we elect a new head of state before October.

Gemayel after talks with Salam: The crisis in Lebanon is the result of the regional developments.

A meeting is underway between Minister Bou Saab and an SCC delegation.

A delegation from the military units that fought in Arsal briefed Army Chief Gen. Jean Qahwaji on the situation in the town during a meeting at his office in Yarze.

EDL contract workers after meeting Nazarian: We will go on an open-ended strike and erect tents at the company's HQ.

Al-Jadeed: Only 43 teachers expressed willingness to put the criteria for the correction of exams while the required number is 600.

MP Marwan Hamadeh to MTV: The election of a president is still our priority.

SCC member Mohammed Qassem said the number of teachers willing to correct the exams was not enough to go ahead with marking the tests.

AMAL MP Qassem Hashem to LBCI: Hariri's return activated the political life.

LBCI: The Emile Lahoud highway was reopened after it was blocked by EDL contract workers.

EDL contract workers blocked the Emile Lahoud highway.

NNA: The army found 7 bodies of jihadists in the area near Ksarat al-Owaish at Arsal's Western entrance.

LBCI: An EDL delegation entered the energy ministry for talks with Minister Arthur Nazarian.

VDL (93.3): Kataeb Party leader Amin Gemayel arrived at the Grand Serail for talks with PM Salam.

A meeting is underway betweem PM Tammam Salam and MP Bahia Hariri.

LBCI: An al-Mustaqbal delegation comprised of MPs al-Qadri, al-Jarrah and Araji arrived in Arsal to inspect the damage in the town.

Electricite du Liban contract workers described a memo handed by EDL to the energy ministry as a “massacre” against the workers.

EDL contract workers arrived at the energy ministry to hold their protest.

Gharib: The number of teachers willing to correct is not enough.

Bou Saab called on the SCC to act in a civilized manner.

Bou Saab: The decision of the SCC is unified but not all teachers must abide by it.

Bou Saab expressed hope that the SCC doesn't copy the EDL contract workers.

Bou Saab: Teachers have the right to suspend the correction. Around 50 or 60 teachers are preventing the rest to proceed with the correction of the exams.

Bou Saab from the Ministry of Education: We will not force teachers to correct the exams.

Teachers protesting at the education ministry were divided on the correction of exams. Some shouted that they would mark the tests while others rejected to do so.

Mahmoud Haidar: The wage scale should be steered clear of political differences.

EDL contract workers gathered at the company ahead of their planned march towards the energy ministry.

SCC member Nehme Mahfoud: The education minister's attempt to strike the SCC will fail. We won't correct the official exams.

SCC member Mohammed Qassem to LBCI: We hope the Lebanese would understand our suffering. We have been waiting for the wage scale for the past 3 years. We stress that we won't mark exams.

ISF arrested 74 people for committing different crimes across Lebanon.

SCC official denied in comments to VDL (100.5) that contract teachers were prevented from entering the Ministry of Education.

MP Oghassabian to VDL (93.3): Priority is to elect a new president in order to reinforce state institutions against terrorism.

LBCI: The SCC prevented teachers tasked with marking the official exams from entering the education ministry.


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