Moving forward on employment for migrants and refugees

Moving forward on employment for migrants and refugees

Media release: 2 July 2013

The Ethnic Communities’ Council of Victoria welcomes the federal government’s announcement of a $6.6 million fund to create new opportunities for jobless and underemployed migrants and refugee job seekers.

ECCV Deputy Chairperson Marion Lau OAM considers the Migrant Communities Employment Fund (MCEF) a step forward in supporting migrants to gain employment.

We hope that this two year program will create the type of partnership between employment services, employers and migrant community groups that translates into suitable training, productive work experience placements, real employment opportunities and long term jobs.”

We hope it’s more than just getting a foot in the door but also about having a receptive workplace and employers who actually give migrants and refugees opportunities. Opportunities to use their skills, to be productive and to feel part of a more inclusive and diverse workforce,” said Ms Lau.

Under the two year fund employer organisations can apply for grants of up to $200,000 and are expected to partner with other groups to deliver projects that help first and second generation immigrants and refugees to prepare for and gain employment.

This fund is a good opportunity to provide access to employment to people of non-English speaking backgrounds who often have little or no support finding work. It is an opportunity to include the communities in the broader analysis of the problems of our workforce which currently does not represent Victoria's diversity ,” said Ms Lau.

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