Hitting the right notes with $20,000 to create a school band and build social cohesion in Parramatta

Senator the Hon Kate Lundy

Minister for Multicultural Affairs


Julie Owens MP

Member for Parramatta



                                                                                                                        Wednesday 12 June 2013


Hitting the right notes with $20,000 to create a school band and build social cohesion in Parramatta



Back row: Kathryn Methven,-Principal, Kate Young - Assistant Principal, Kate Lundy, Julie Owens, Greg Leeson- Band Coordinator and Lee Roser – Teacher. Front Row: School Captains: Reza Sedighinejad & Jessica Islam, Vice Captains: Emily Minter & Tobin Baldwin-Blake


Parramatta North Public School will receive $20,000 to create and develop a school band to bring students and the local community together through music and help students learn more about the values of social cohesion and tolerance.


Minister for Multicultural Affairs Senator Kate Lundy and Member for Parramatta Julie Owens MP announced the innovative project under the Gillard Labor Government’s Diversity and Social Cohesion Program (DSCP) while visiting Parramatta North Public School today.


Senator Lundy said the $20,000 for implementation of the Parramatta North Public School Band will and would go towards introducing students to music tuition as well as supporting participation and skills development.


“We all know that music brings people together and this innovative idea to put together a school band will help to give students from diverse backgrounds a common interest which will bridge gaps,” Senator Lundy said.


“The Parramatta North Public School Band will be a binding activity for students, local communities and families, and will include opportunities to come together in a relaxed and fun environment.


“I’m excited to see these community projects come to fruition, which range from sporting activities to arts and cultural performances and workshops,” Senator Lundy said.


Member for Parramatta Julie Owens welcomed said the funding was important to help boost social cohesion within the school through music and other activities.


“Music is terrific medium that can build networks and strengthen a sense of belonging for students at Parramatta North and build a conduit for students from different backgrounds,” said Ms Owens.


“Parramatta North’s project ‘From social isolation to social cohesion’ will include the creation of a school band that will provide students the opportunity to learn to play an instrument in a supportive and diverse learning environment.


“The Parramatta North School Band will take entrenched intolerance head on that can lead to the exclusion of students and lead to bullying and racism,” said Ms Owens.


The Parramatta North Public School project is one of 60 successful applications under the 2013-14 DSCP which will begin providing $2.775 million of grants from July 1.


Full details of the successful Diversity and Social Cohesion Program Grants projects can be found at www.immi.gov.au/living-in-australia/


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