Cr. KHAL ASFOUR, Mayor – Bankstown City Council


26 April 2013

The Mayor of Bankstown has criticised Naji Najjar over recent comments he made about banning religious groups from using community halls in the Bankstown area.

It is offensive and extremely out of line for Councillor Najjar to make such comments and discriminate against any community group,” Mayor Asfour said.

Councillor Najjar has been an elected representative for five years, and has never once raised any issues or concerns in relation to religious groups, community halls or prayer groups.

Councillor Najjar is trying to set new racist policies through the media which contradicts Council’s commitment to providing facilities and services for the entire Bankstown community.

Like any local government area, many religious denominations hire Council community facilities and do so in accordance with the conditions of our booking process.

Our local community is the heartland of cultural diversity, and I am proud of our ongoing commitment to provide facilities to all, no matter what religious denomination or cultural background. 

New migrants and refugees are attracted to Bankstown because we are welcoming and can provide for their diverse needs, at the same time allow them to practise their beliefs and cultures.

Clr Najjar's opinions and concerns are his own and do not represent those of myself or Bankstown Council,” Mayor Asfour concluded.


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