First female Saudi lawyer trainee becomes a reality

First female Saudi lawyer trainee becomes a reality

10 April 2013

Arwa Al-Hijeili received the first definition of a trainee lawyer as a start to obtaining a license to practice law.

A Justice Ministry source said the ministry has approved this definition when it started applying this law 12 years ago for lawyer trainees. This definition gives women the right to litigate in courts. Her permit is valid for one year and can be renewed for another year by sending a written and signed address to the lawyer-in-charge in the ministry.

“The road is now open for Saudi women to have a law license after the Ministry of Justice agreed to allow Arwa Al Hijeili to become the first trainee lawyer in the Kingdom,” said legal expert Waleed Abu Al Khair.

“Al-Hijeili is the first registered case in Jeddah.”

As for the conditions for getting a license, Abu Al Khair said, “For a lawyer to train for three years, he or she should have a contract with a lawyer who has been practicing in the profession for more than five years.”

After the training period, woman lawyers can obtain an approved copy of their training certificate and send it to the Justice Ministry to receive a license to practice law, he said.

The Ministry of Justice granted women the right to practice law in October. The license was first restricted to personal status issues, but now expanded to allow women to practice all fields of law.


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