Statement by the family of Warren Rodwell

Statement by the family of Warren Rodwell

25 March 2013

We are happy and relieved that Warren has finally been released. 

We would like to thank all those in the Philippine and Australian Governments who played a part in securing his release.

We would like to acknowledge, in particular, the Philippine National Police for all their efforts on Warren’s behalf.

We wish the Philippine police every success in tracking down the group that took Warren from his home.  We hope they will be brought to justice, so others don’t have to experience what Warren has just been through. 

The Anti-Kidnapping Group of the Philippine National Police played the leading role in securing Warren’s release. We would like to acknowledge that publicly today and say thank you.

We would also like to thank the Vice-Governor of Basilan, Al-Rasheed Sakkalahul. Without his help, Warren would not be free from captivity. 

For over 15 months we held out hope that Warren would be safely released.

It was hard to imagine what he was going through, and how he was coping. During this time, we were kept well-informed by Australian officials of all the major developments.  

We are sure you will understand that this has been a very difficult and exhausting ordeal for Warren. It has also been a difficult time for his family.

Our immediate concern is for our brother’s health, and his recuperation after this long period in captivity.

Denise spoke at length to Warren on the phone on Saturday. He is delighted to be free. He has, however, lost a lot of weight and is exhausted. He will need medical support, as well as time and space to recover.

On behalf of Warren’s family, both in Australia and in the Philippines, we ask that the media respect our wish for privacy at this time.  Thank you.

Denise Cappello & Wayne Rodwell


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