China guest of honour at Janadriya festival

China guest of honour at Janadriya festival

March 17, 2013

Manama: China will be the guest of honour at Saudi Arabia’s Al Janadriya, the country’s prime national festival for heritage and culture.

The event will be an opportunity to highlight the robustness of the relations between Saudi Arabia and China in the political, economic and cultural areas, Li Chengwen, the Chinese ambassador in Riyadh, said.

The Chinese participation at the 28th festival scheduled for April 4-7 will also showcase China’s cultural variety and richness, the diplomat was quoted as saying by Saudi news site Sabq on Sunday.

“The Saudi public and Arabs will have a good opportunity to gain insights into the rich Chinese culture through the special stand at Al Janadriya festival which will use a multitude of modern media to showcase the Chinese culture and achievements,” he said.

The colourful festival is held annually in winter under the patronage of the king in Janadriya, around 40 kilometres northeast of the Saudi capital Riyadh, to showcase the past and present Saudi Arabia.

Al Janadriya festival is one of the most attended events in the region and China is hoping that it would raise interest in the Chinese culture similar to the Chinese interest in Saudi Arabia at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo when people queued up for hours to see the Saudi pavilion.

Russia, Turkey, France and Korea were the guests of honour at the previous Al Janadriya festivals.

Saudi Arabia and China established diplomatic relations in July 1990.

Jiang Zemin became in 1999 the first Chinese president to visit Saudi Arabia while King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz became in January 2006 the first Saudi king to visit China, less than six months after he succeeded his brother King Fahd as the ruler of the country. The visit was part of King Abdullah’s first tour outside the Middle East and included stops in India, Malaysia and Pakistan.


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