Abdullah vows support to cultural tourism project

Abdullah vows support to cultural tourism project

13 March 2013

Shaikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, UAE Foreign Minister has hailed the launch of ‘Abu Dhabi Pearl Journey’, a project which is aimed at promoting the country’s maritime and land culture and also increase the number of visitors to the state.

Ali Al-Saloom, who launched the project within the “UAE Innovative” initiative, is one of the few specialists and entrepreneurs who founded the cultural tourism concept in the country to promote Emirati tourism.

In a statement to Arabic newspaper Al Gharbia fi Osbo on the occasion of the launch of the initiative, Shaikh Abdullah said: “Ali Saloom presents through this initiative a good model for the UAE youth. Sometimes, we need adventurous youth like Ali Saloom who launches new ideas and push them towards areas of sustainability.”

Transforming a cultural and social programme into a reality is deeply rooted in the history of the UAE, and it is an idea which needs contemplation and support, he added.

“I’m not surprised that this idea belongs to Ali Saloom, who has launched a number of initiatives in order to promote tourism and culture of the UAE.” The country is gifted with ambitious and innovative youth, who have the desire to change their local experiences to global ones.

On his part, Ali Saloom thanked Shaikh Abdullah for his “precious visit” to ‘Abu Dhabi Pearl Journey’ and to be briefed on the objectives of the project, encouraging and supporting him.

‘Abu Dhabi Pearl Journey’ is a real addition to the projects related to the cultural aspect and the spiritual and moral inheritance through recalling the history and professions such as diving and pearl hunting, he said, adding that this is a tourist project with a cultural flavour.


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