An example fake ID from

Shut down ... an example fake ID from

An online fake ID store suspected of supplying proof-of-age and other cards to Australian under-18s has been shut down after a raid on a house in Melbourne.

Fairfax Media reported last month that police and government authorities were investigating, which sold a variety of cards with holograms for $60 each. They included NSW and Victorian fake proof-of-age cards.

But this week the fake ID site was offline as was its Facebook page which had thousands of fans, many of whom appeared to be teens. The site had previously claimed it had a "backlog" of orders but appears to have stopped fulfilling them just under two weeks ago.

An example of a NSW fake ID from

An example of a NSW fake ID from

Victoria Police said it executed a search warrant at a residential address in Malvern East on Sunday January 27 "in relation to an ongoing investigation into the manufacture of fake IDs". It did not announce the action in a media release.

The owner of was listed as Neven Gajic. He did not respond to a request for comment on Friday and Victoria Police would not confirm whether it was his home that was searched, but it is understood the police action concerned

"A 23-year-old Malvern East man was arrested at a residential address on Alma Street around 10.30am," a Victoria Police spokeswoman said.

"Detectives seized a number of items including computer equipment and an imitation firearm. The investigation is ongoing and the man has been released pending summons."

The legality of making and using fake "novelty" IDs depends on the intention of the person in question. Those who use one to try to enter a licensed premises or gain a financial advantage may be committing a criminal offence, police said.

The NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing said minors who use a false proof-of-age document to obtain alcohol were breaking the law and could face a maximum court imposed fine of $2200 or an on-the-spot penalty of $220. Minors caught using fake ID could also have their provisional driver's licence extended for an additional six months.

The NSW OLGR said it had alerted NSW industry associations for hotels, restaurants, clubs and liquor stores about the false proof-of-age documents and asked them to be vigilant in checking age IDs at licensed premises.

"OLGR is conducting ongoing inquiries to identify if there are any NSW-based websites advertising similar false proof-of-age documents," a spokesman said.

"OLGR is liaising with Victoria Police in regard to the progress of its investigation and advice on any evidence which identifies NSW customer transactions so that appropriate action can be taken."