Visit to Sri Lanka

The Hon Julie Bishop MP, Deputy Leader of the Opposition I Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Federal Member for Curtin

Scott Morrison MP Shadow Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Federal Member for Cook Michael Keenan MP

Shadow Minister for Justice, Customs and Border Protection, Federal Member for Stirling

Visit to Sri Lanka


26  January 2013

The Deputy Leader of the Opposition Julie Bishop will lead a delegation to Sri Lanka tomorrow, accompanied by the Shadow Minister for Immigration and Citizenship Scott Morrison and the Shadow Minister for Border Protection Michael Keenan.

The delegation will meet with senior government officials, opposition parliamentarians and Tamil community leaders.

They intend to discuss Sri Lankan government efforts at eliminating the people smuggling trade and ways that Australia could support those efforts.

The delegation will also travel to Jaffna where they will meet with Tamil community leaders and see first hand the conditions under which the Tamil community are living since the end of the civil war in 2009.

There has been a large increase in the number of Sri Lankans using people smuggling networks to make the dangerous journey by wooden boats to Australia and it is vital that every effort is made to eliminate that illegal trade.

The collapse in border protection integrity under the Rudd/Gillard government has been the biggest policy failure in a generation and has resulted in people smuggling syndicates sending hundreds of boats carrying tens of thousands of people to Australia.

Hundreds have died at sea.

The cost to Australian taxpayers has been billions of dollars.

Only the Coalition has the will to restore integrity to Australia's border protection.


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