Charbel: Violating French Embassy a Red Line, Will Echo Demands on Abdallah's

Charbel: Violating French Embassy a Red Line, Will Echo Demands on Abdallah's

Interior Minister Marwan Charbel plans to meet with members of the international campaign for the liberation of Lebanese leftist militant George Ibrahim Abdallah, promising to echo its call on the French government to release him but discouraging violations against the French embassy, the As Safir daily reported Monday.

“We plan to meet with a delegation in a bid to calm things down,”said Charbel “and to stress that violating the French embassy in Lebanon is a red line.”

“We will also echo their calls in a civilized manner to the French government, demanding the release of Abdallah who has been in detention for 28 years and should be released,” added Charbel.

On Sunday, protesters demanding the release of Abdallah from prison in France staged a demonstration outside the French embassy.

The protesters angrily pelted tomatoes and eggs at the embassy, and stressed that they will continue their “peaceful and democratic” actions against French interests in Lebanon until Abdallah's release.

These include banks, companies, and institutes.

On the possibility of forming a ministerial committee to follow up Abdallah's case, Charbel said “I will put this suggestion forward to the cabinet in a bid to form a committee composed initially of the Ministers of Justice, Foreign Affairs and Interior, in addition to some experts.”

A French court granted Abdallah parole in November on condition he be deported, but the interior ministry has yet to issue the deportation order.

The court postponed its decision on his release until January 28.

The supporters of Abdallah fear that the postponement is a first step to renew his detention.


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