Miss Tourism World 2012 (Thailand)

Miss Tourism World 2012 (Thailand)

Please welcome all the contestants of the “Miss Tourism 2012 World Final” beauty pageant, coming to the Land of Smiles on the 16th December, 2012 – for the first time ever in Asia!

Mr. Supanut Donchan, President and CEO of Media Empire Co. Ltd, having successfully hosted the nation’s first “Miss Tourism Thailand” beauty contest on the 19th October 2012 is proud to present Miss Sasima Surasapmanee, a 22 year old Tourism and Hospitality Management major at Assumption University as the very first Miss Tourism Thailand.

Mr. David Singh, President of the Tourism World Organisation based in Great Britain has entrusted Media Empire Co., Ltd. with the responsibility of being the host company for the Miss Tourism 2012 World Final beauty pageant, which is coming to Thailand and Asia for the first time this year. The company is busy making preparations for welcoming all the international contestants to the Land of Smiles to ensure a good first impression as soon as they arrive.

Mr. Supanut Donchan, President and CEO of Media Empire Co. Ltd, is confident everything will be well prepared in time, saying, “We have already made preparations in all aspects of the contestants’ time in Thailand, including coordinating activities for the contestants to take part in and all of the locations to be visited and daily schedules for the whole time they are here. We are also preparing and briefing our first Miss Tourism Thailand contestant whom we proud to have representing the Kingdom for this competition as she is well qualified with a good knowledge of English and pleasant demeanor, as well as bearing the graceful mannerisms that Thai women are known for. Nevertheless we are coaching her to increase her confidence and also briefing her on information about tourism in Thailand so she will be a good representative introducing Thailand o her fellow beauty queens from around the world.”

            “This event provides a great opportunity for Thailand due to the global media coverage that it will generate through being broadcast around the world and publicized by visiting media who will be joining the contestants in the pre-pageant activities. As of now we have received confirmation from all the 60 countries sending contestants, including such far-flung and diverse places such as England, Mexico, China, Nigeria, Ukraine etc. Contestants will be arriving between the 28th of November and the 1st of December.”

            “We have a packed itinerary of interesting activities for the contestants to take part in starting on the 2nd of December, all the way up to the final night of the competition on the 16th of December, 2012. For instance, on 2nd December, the contestants will go on an excursion to Ayutthaya Province getting a firsthand look at Thai’s arts and culture at The SUPPORT Arts and Crafts International Centre of Thailand (SACICT) and visiting the world renowned historical places of interest at this World Heritage Site. On 4th November, the contestants will go to see a show at Siam Niramit and on December 5th all of the contestants will join celebrations for HM the King’s Birthday Anniversary at the Royal Plaza, Sanam Luang before heading off for a visit of Pattaya City on the 6th of December.”

“Between the 7th – 11th of December 2012 Miss “Looknarm” Sasima Surasapmanee, Miss Tourism Thailand 2012, will take her fellow contestants on a tour of the south of Thailand, to Songkhla and Krabi  introducing them to our beautiful beaches, and distinctive Southern Thai culture. Upon their return to Bangkok all the contestants will be presented to the media modeling swimsuits provided by Sisi BKK at the Pathumwan Princess Hotel on the 12th of December from 16.00 -19.00. An outstanding highlight of the event will be showing off an exclusive swimsuit decorated with real gold!”

            “The winner of Miss Tourism World 2012 will receive a Diamond tiara, the winner’s sash and rewards valued at more than one million five hundred thousand baht. Other special prizes will be on offer such as, MISS TOURISM 2012 -BEST SWIMSUIT, MISS TOURISM 2012 -BEST EVENING GOWN etc. The winner of Miss Tourism World 2012 will serve as goodwill ambassador and spokesperson for the Tourism World Organisation and work with the organization in promoting tourism around the world”

            “I would like to invite all the Thai people to please join us in giving a warm Thai smile welcome to all the contestants and media representatives from all over the world to Thailand as an excellent host country. Let’s all get behind our Thai representative to the competition, Miss Tourism Thailand as competed for the Miss Tourism World 2012 crown in the final round of the competition on the 16th December 2012 at Siam Niramit. The event will be broadcast at 23.00 onwards on Channel 7 and relayed by satellite to a global audience in more than 50 countries via such prominent broadcasters as Fashion TV, Star World, E Entertainment and Sky TV.”


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