AACCI elects new National Chairman

AACCI elects new National Chairman

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The Australia Arab Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AACCI) unanimously elected its new Chairman at their National Annual General Meeting held on Wednesday 14 November, 2012 in Adelaide. Mr Roland Jabbour Esq. J.P. will take over from Mr Raymond Najar.

Board of Directors

AACCI is also delighted to announce the appointment of the new Vice National Chairman, AACCI’s National Director for Western Australia, Mr Geoff Puttick. Furthermore, we would like to welcome Ms Sonia Barber, Partner at Patton Boggs, as the new National Director for Queensland, and Mr James Harb will continue as National Director for New South Wales. Mr Peter Deacon will remain on-board as an Independent Director for the interim period until other Independent Directors commence their tenure.


Business Interests:

              National Chairman of the Australia Arab Chamber of Commerce and Industry   (AACCI)

              Founding and current director of the Australia Lebanon Chamber of Commerce             and Industry (ALCCI)

              Founding and current director of the Australia Oman Business Council (AOBC)            Chairman of the Jabbour Holding Group of Companies

              Chairman of the Australian Agency for Education & Training

              Managing Director of the Cedar Jet Travel Group

            Roland has extensive business and international trade relations experience. His       business interests include property development and investments, traffic          management, travel and tourism, international education and training. The    Jabbour Holding group are based in Melbourne but have offices across the Middle             East region. The group oversees major projects between Australia and the Arab r            egion, representing Australian universities, as well as private sector and       Government institutions.

Community Service:

              Founding and current Chairman of the Australian Arabic Council (AAC)

              Member of the  board of distinguished advisors  Australia Gulf Council (AGC)

              Former Vice Chairman of the Council for Australian Arab Relations, (CAAR)    Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (An Australian Federal Government         appointment)

              Appointed on the recommendation of the Governor General as a Justice of the Peace for the State of Victoria.

              Admitted in 1991 as a member of the Royal Victorian Association of Honorary Justices (Esq. JP)

              Founding Chairman of the Darebin Ethnic Communities Council

              A founding member of the former Victorian Government Joint-Arabic Standing             Committee on Educational Cooperation

              An appointed board Member for the Victorian Police and Community                 Multicultural Advisory Council (PACMAC)

              Appointed as a board member of the La Trobe University Centre for Dialogue

              Served as a member of the (Ismaa) reference group ,National consultations on                eliminating prejudice against Arabs and Muslims in Australia (An Australian                 Human rights and equal opportunities commission project)

              Member of Deakin University Languages advisory Board

              Former member of Deakin University Academic Advisory Board on Arabic                       Studies

              Former member of Monash University Advisory Board to the Centre For            Muslim Minorities & Islam Policy Studies


Roland has developed a high profile as a community leader through a long standing commitment to public service and community initiatives. Roland is well known and respected in government and semi government circles and is widely consulted on issues such as international relations, media, politics, and multiculturalism.

For many years, Roland has had an extensive involvement in the development of partnerships between Australia and the Arab region, facilitating business and trade relations that work to promote stronger ties between Australia and the Arab world.

Roland is the recipient of many awards from Australian and overseas Governments in recognition of his service to the Australian community. His awards include:

              Australian Medal for the centenary of federation of Australia, awarded on behalf of the Governor General & the Commonwealth of Australia, for service to the Australian Community

              Certificate of appreciation awarded by the Premier of Victoria in recognition of voluntary service to the community (2001)

              Finalist for the Australian Ethnic Business Awards (2009)

              Nominated for the Australian of the Year Award (2004)

Interests:   Roland’s interests include, sports cars, flying and general aviation.


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