St Charbel’s College Creative Arts Exhibition 2012

St Charbel’s College Creative Arts Exhibition 2012

By Rachelle AbouSaleh - Year 10

There are a range of creative talents in St Charbel’s College, waiting to be discovered. The Creative Arts /TAS Exhibition is an opportunity for students to display their artistic works and talents. On Tuesday the 6th of November, the Creative Arts Exhibition opened with an exciting array of musical performances, a fashion parade and a display of the creative works the students created.

The show included performances from different music classes across all grades. There were solo piano performances that captivated audiences and a variety of unique voices that generated excitement from the crowds. There was a vocal group performance that showcased a range of voices from grades 7 to 12. At the end of the show, students from the 9-12 Textiles classes put on a fashion show that displayed the year’s works, which included skirts, dresses, costumes, year 12 major projects and much more. The clothes displayed were of a high quality and the show was exciting and entertaining.

 After the performances, the audience was invited to look at the works of students from years 7-12. The art exhibition displayed tremendous portraits, sculptures, drawings and prints. The year 12 majors were also on show, from textiles, visual arts and industrial technology Timber and Multimedia. Students worked hard throughout the year to create unique and creative pieces. Students from the Technology and Applied Studies (TAS) subjects   also had a chance to show guests what they had been working on throughout the year.  Works included videos, websites, multimedia presentations, and animations.  The guests were also provided with refreshments that the year 10 Food Technology students prepared and served on the night.

Overall, the Art Exhibition was a great way to celebrate the Creative Arts / TAS talents of students from St. Charbel’s College. The Creative Arts / TAS department worked hard to create a great show and exhibition, which was enjoyed by all. These achievements and talents make me proud to be a student of St Charbel’s College.


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