Ahmad Hariri Honours Bishop Antoine Tarabay in Beirut

Ahmad Hariri Honours Bishop Antoine Tarabay in Beirut


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Sydney- M.E. TIMES Int'l: The Future Movement Secretary-General Ahmad Hariri confirms that the wave of terrorism that has hit the Iraq-Syria area and began to infiltrate to Lebanon is the result of Hezbollah intervention.

He believed that the security services and solidarity of the Lebanese people in face of extremism, will guarantee a confrontation of  cross-border terrorism in a country characterised by moderation and the ability to be more than a homeland.

Hariri held banquet at Kantari Palace in honour of the patron of the Maronite Diocese of Australia and New Zealand, Bishop Antoine Tarabay, on the first anniversary of his ordination. It was attended by parliamentary, diplomatic, partisan and media personalities, including the Australian Ambassador to Lebanon Lex Bartlem.

The “Annahar ” Daily editor in Australia, Anwar Harb, said: “Jesus Christ says ‘whenever two met in my name, I am the third between them’, and tonight I say, whenever two Lebanese meet in the name of Lebanese freedom and sovereignty, martyr president Rafik Hariri will be the third between them.”

Then Hariri made a speech, saying: “I did not know that the long distance that separates us from Australia could be wiped out by a meeting to dispel distances in a place where I felt at home -- I mean the seat of the Maronite Archdiocese in Sydney, hosted by a big brother.”

From his part, Bishop Tarabay replied to Hariri: “The feeling is mutual, as you felt in the Maronite archbishopric in Sydney you're at home. I feel I am in my house too today.”

He expressed his happiness to meet with brothers in humanity holding together the banner of moderation, openness and partnership in the homeland of free men and martyrs -- Lebanon.


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